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With a single tool, your entire process becomes more efficient.
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Kelly is an operator
Kelly uses WorkClout in her day-to-day by completing assigned tasks, referencing procedures and work instructions, collaborating with her team members and much more.
Kelly completed an assignment
Kelly referenced a work instruction
Kelly acquired a new skill
Marcus is a continuous improvement manager
Marcus is a continuous improvement manager and uses WorkClout to streamline the CAPA process, improving safety and quality, and standardizing operating procedures.
Marcus started a task
Marcus created a recurring task
Marcus approved a document change
Steven is an executive
Steve uses WorkClout by distributing company-wide broadcasts, updating the company standards, tracking employee skill sets over time.
Steven updated a document
Steven is viewing the skills matrix
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The #1 Process Improvement Software helping manufacturers build a problem-solving culture that lasts.
Track, measure, and standardize your continuous improvement initiatives that improve Safety, Quality, Delivery, Costs, and Productivity.
For teams - available on Web, iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows
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World class continuous improvement teams use WorkClout
Big results come from small changes accumulated over time.
Organizations cannot improve unless they consistently seek out and solve their problems.

With the right tools, we believe that every organization has the ability to achieve compounding process efficiency. WorkClout helps you engage employees, embrace problems, and track your activity all-in-one place.
Why WorkClout?
Identify your issues
Identify when issues occur in your operations using issue tracking. Collaborate with team members to clarify the problem using images and video.
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Determine root cause
Create a task to determine the underlying root cause of your issues. Begin formalizing your potential solutions all within a project.
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Capterra Top 20 for MRP Jan-2020
WorkClout is voted Top 20 by Capterra
Execute solutions through projects
Log and implement your potential solutions onto a defined project to test their effectiveness on your KPI.
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Visualize impact
Pull in existing data from your ERP, MES, CMMS, and databases into to see the impact of your continuous improvement projects on your KPIs that you're trying to improve.
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Add custom reports using integrations
Integrate your system with WorkClout to share familiar data within your projects.
Sustain your success!
Update procedures, automate tasks, create troubleshoot guides, and more to ensure that your outcome is sustained.
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Learn about WorkClout's features and how it can help your organization improve process and empower workers.
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Oil and Gas
Engagement improved by 20%
"Leaderboard and keeping progress tabs on my ops team has helped me tremendously"
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Stack overflow for internal operations
"Easiest way to get answers on the job."
Verified Reviewer on Capterra
Consumer Electronics
Standardization has been a need for us...
"If you need to standardize and systemize your processes, procedures, training and individual employee performance, then Workclout is your answer."
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