WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Parsable
WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Parsable
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WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Parsable
Learn about the alternative to Parsable, how their support and features stack up against competitors, and which inspection solution is best for your growing business.
October 16, 2020

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1 Is Parsable the best inspection tool for your business?

2 Parsable Alternative for Businesses

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3 WorkClout - The Best Alternative to Parsable

Is Parsable the best inspection tool for your business?

Parsable is a popular inspection tool for large industrial companies looking to improve their safety and efficiency. Like several over inspections tools, Parsable offers much of the basic features but tailors their offering for enterprise clients. Although Parsable can satisfy many larger clients' needs, they have some limitations that should be considered when adopting a new inspection tool for your organization.

Parsable's product and business model caters to large "enterprise" companies. These are businesses with multiple locations and a workforce of a thousand or more employees, as opposed to growing businesses with just a few dozen employees. 

This guide will detail what Parsable has to offer and why it might not be the best fit for growing businesses, and what you should consider when deciding on a solution.

Parsable Alternative for Businesses

Parsable is not suited for your growing businesses, and the section below details why.


Parsable's starting pricing is thousands of dollars more than WorkClout, with a minimum number of users required. This fact alone should make Parsable a non-starter for many small and growing businesses looking to perform safety and quality inspections.

As a growing business, you should look for a solution that doesn't break the bank. Do not invest this much upfront cost for an inspection tool without the infrastructure or team that matches their enterprise-grade solution.

Getting Started

Because of its business model, Parsable has an inside sales strategy that involves calls and meetings to take place before you're even able to start previewing and trying the software. This model prevents growing businesses looking to adopt software from trying before they buy. WorkClout aims to make onboarding as easy as possible by allowing anyone to sign up quickly, download the app, and perform inspections for free.

As a new business looking to adopt inspections as part of its core culture, we believe customers should have the ability to evaluate and determine if WorkClout is the right tool by using it first.


If you've already done your research on Parsable, you'll probably notice by now that there is little to be discovered online about their product and how it looks, feels, and works. This lack of online presence aligns with Parsable's business model of having inside sales and working with enterprise clients. After viewing their website, you may feel much to be desired in terms of starting price, included features, and more.

WorkClout flips the script by providing all that information upfront to our customers. Signing up for an account is free, and pricing is displayed and transparent for everyone to view.

Customer Support

Parsable caters to the industrial space and focuses much of their support on retaining their fortune 500 clients. Because of this, their product releases have remained stagnant, and their support team catered to those clients. This means that, as a customer, you may not get the support that we believe every growing business deserves when adopting a new inspection tool.

Our customer's success is our top priority; that's why we pair each one with a dedicated account manager to ensure that they are taking full advantage of WorkClouts powerful inspection tool for safety and quality. WorkClout offers this for all paying customers of any size.

Here are some of WorkClout's reviews, compared to the zero reviews that Parsable has online.

Parsable No Capterra Reviews
Parsable has 0 reviews on Capterra
WorkClout High Rated on Capterra
WorkClout is rated 4.9 stars on Capterra
WorkClout Customer Pro Reviews Capterra
Our customers love us!


Parsable has launched over seven years ago and has kept its technology stack and general aesthetic since then. Keeping an older technology stack is due primarily to its customer base and time investment required to retrain whenever updates are rolled out. This is not the case for WorkClout. WorkClout uses modern real-time technology from the get-go so that inspections and teams can get feedback in an instant. Also, WorkClout frequently releases updates to its product that enhance the user experience with little-to-no additional costs.

WorkClout - The Best Alternative to Parsable

If you're looking for an alternative to a connected worker platform like Parsable, then WorkClout is the right fit for you. WorkClout is built for businesses of all sizes and prioritizes all of our customers' success, no matter the size. WorkClout has a modern technology stack, better support, more features, and a significantly better price point than Parsable. To get a better idea of how we are better than Parsable, look at the table comparison below.

WorkClout and Parsable Comparison Table

In summary, WorkClout is a better alternative to Parsable.  WorkClout offers all of what Parsable provides, but is transparent with our customers with pricing and features, uses a modern technology stack, and prioritizes premium support for all our customers.

  • Free to Get Started
  • Better Pricing
  • Transparent Features
  • Better Reviews
  • Modern Tech Stack
  • Better Customer Reviews & Support
  • More Features
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