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"One of the biggest problems we faced were coordinating tasks and accurately measuring them. WorkClout made it easy to sync all of our existing data and made our process much more simple."
Jason Walia, Operations Manager at Flex
Implementation Time
~ 30 Days
Project Revenue Increase
Capacity Increase
Company Name:



Flexible Packaging

Company Size:


Time to Implementation:

~ 30 Days

Executive Summary

In 2013, Flex has grown from 0 to 1000 customers. Serving customers like Soylent, Trader Joe's, Sephora, and much more. Flex has over 50 employees, managing the most sophisticated and modern machinery making premium flexible packaging for retail, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.


Before WorkClout, Flex was using a popular legacy ERP system to manage their production line, creating the following challenges:

  1. Full on-boarding wasn’t complete, started on-boarding 10 months ago.
  2. Software vendor workflow was too complicated for operators and office employees to execute.
  3. Software was too expensive to manage and initial price point not justified.
  4. Orders weren’t being fulfilled on time.
  5. Difficult to track operations.
  • Use an easy, user friendly system that can employees can adopt quickly.
  • See ROI quickly and see operational efficiency ramp up.
  • A better streamlined communication system for faster access to information.
How WorkClout Helped
“One of the biggest pain points we faced were coordinating tasks and making sure we were accurately measuring them. WorkClout made it so simple to port all of our existing data and made our workflows simple on the software level.”

Jason Walia, Operations Manager

FLEX took great advantage of WorkClout’s Job ticketing workflow and Dashboard to manage and measure activities on the production floor.

  • Implementation took around 30 days, which is around 90% faster than their previous legacy system.
  • Week over week, there has been a 5% growth rate in fulfillment capacity for new business and job tickets. Projected volume increase for 2019: $111,500
Flex when they first started on the system.
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