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Customer Story
Flex leverages WorkClout’s workflow management system to ensure quality control with every run.
Flex’s production process was managed using paper and excel, which resulted in several quality defects that fell through the cracks during production. Flex is now leveraging WorkClout’s flexible workflow management to ensure jobs are flowing with quality assurance from start to finish.

Since 2013, Flex, a flexible packaging manufacturer, has grown to serve over 1000 customers. Several notable customers like Soylent, Trader Joe's, Sephora, and much more rely on Flex to ensure that their packaging needs are fulfilled. Flex has over 50 employees, utilizing the most sophisticated and modern machinery to make premium flexible packaging for retail, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Notification - Notifications to required departments are sent via email or made verbally. This resulted in multiple job delays because jobs fall through the cracks when communication is not centralized.
  2. Job Status - In order to receive an update on job status, questions must be asked and sometimes even required the involvement of multiple parties. Visibility into job status was not apparent at Flex.
  3. Quality Control - Quality defects resulted in a large portion of waste and rework that had to take place. Because quality control was not effectively tracked and traced, there not no way to identify bottlenecks in the production process.
Why WorkClout?

Leveraging WorkClout’s visual workflow management, production schedule, and floor reporting features. Flex employees are able to streamline their job management onto a single platform, enabling everyone that ability to instantly see job progress and know what is required to move it onto the next step.

  1. Notification - Flex utilizes custom notifications that are sent to assignees and job owners so that everyone is kept in the loop with job progress from start to finish. In addition, tags are automatically applied during job state transitions to allow Flex the ability to easily know where a job sits.
  2. Job Status - WorkClout updates a job status, sends notifications as soon as actions are taken to progress the job forward to the next step in the defined workflow. Flex is able to visually see the progression of a job and view the next required actions that should take place.
  3. Quality Control - Using WorkClout custom forms alongside the operator portal for floor reporting. Flex employees are able to log and conduct QC checks as soon as a run is complete and enter in the defect data. Over time, Flex has been able to identify areas in production that is causing the most waste.

Having used WorkClout for over half a year, Flex has seen a higher rate of job completion before promise dates and increased quality rate throughout production. In addition, lead times have also decreased due to the increased visibility of job statuses.

As a result, Flex has seen an average increase of around 20% in overall capacity

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