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“WorkClout’s implementation team made it ridiculously simple to onboard and start using the system within the first week. Now I manage all my operations efficiently, which significantly impacts the bottom line."
Henry Mann, President of Package Five
Increase in Jobs Fulfilled
Increase In Job Accuracy
Projected Revenue Increase
Package Five
Company Name:

Package Five


Flexible Packaging, Folding Carton, Corrugated

Company Size:


Time to Implementation:

~ 33 Days

Executive Summary

In 2002, Package Five began with humble beginnings with a husband and wife couple operating one machine. Now, they’re operating 10 machines for 3 types of packaging work streams with 50 employees. Henry Mann (frmr. Qualcomm, Snapchat, DollarShave Club) was brought in to take Package Five to new heights. Their philosophy has and will also revolve around investing in the best technology. Their factor specializes in folding carton, corrugated, and flexible packaging.


Before WorkClout, Package Five was operating in a hybrid model on a legacy software system and paper/excel:

  1. Biggest challenge was communication and accuracy of information. Multiple records of truth became unreliable.
  2. Prioritizing job tickets were extremely difficult in both excel and software. Only 1 user can access the shared excel at a time and changing a priority for a task on the software took more than 10 clicks to get to.
  3. Overall, all these admin and management tasks compounded the amount of factory wastes, which resulted in decrease in revenue.
  4. Operators complained system was too complicated and not user-friendly.
  5. Implementation took over 8 months for their old software system, ROI never realized.

A simple yet effective system for managing all three work streams; folding carton, flexible, and corrugated.

How WorkClout Helped
“WorkClout’s implementation team made it ridiculously simple to onboard and start using the system within the first week, I literally couldn’t manage the operations this efficiently without it. Also, helped the bottom line significantly”

Henry Mann, President

In particular, WorkClout’s Operator Portal helped Package Five’s plant managers and workers easily become 4x more productive.

  • 1.5 months after implementation, WorkClout processed a 38.40% increase in job tickets completed week over week, which equated to an increase of $13,100 in revenue month over month.
  • Package Five was able to measure and track job ticket and OEE for the first time, with accuracy.
  • Week-over-week, there’s been a 14% growth rate in fulfillment capacity for new business and job tickets. Projected volume increase for 2019: $157,200
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