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“My whole goal was to find a system that improved communication. WorkClout not only did that, but actually increased revenue for my whole business.”
Janak, President of Ultimate Paper Box
Increase In Capacity
Projected Revenue Increase
Increase in Speed to Completion Avg
Ultimate Paper Box
Company Name:

Ultimate Paper Box


Folding Carton and Litho Labels

Company Size:


Time to Implementation:

~ 24 Days

Executive Summary

In 1995, a small company started in a 2,000 square foot warehouse with only 4 employees. Today that company has grown to fill a 130,000 square foot facility and require the input and expertise of over 100 employees. Ultimate Paper Box Company has thrived with continuous reinvestment in capital equipment and employees to become a recognized and preferred manufacturer of folding cartons and litho labels. They have been named one of the fastest growing companies in the packaging industry by Trade Magazines.


Before WorkClout, Ultimate Paper Box were relying on paper and excel to manage their operations which posed several challenges:

  1. Communication between employees was extremely difficult, because the information was decentralized.
  2. There was limited visibility in their production and supply chain.
  3. Their capacity was stagnant and needed to improve to fulfill more orders.
  4. Couldn’t accurately track labor and operator efficiency.
  5. Not every order was being fulfilled on time.
An operator using WorkClout's Operator Portal.

  • Drive up efficiencies and scale their capacity by reducing the time to access information.
  • Creating accurate visibility in their supply chain and operations.
  • 1 month after implementation, WorkClout processed a 20% increase in job tickets completed week over week, which equated to a revenue increase of $20,000 Month over month.
  • Office employees no longer needed to go back and forth to the production floor to check the status of a job ticket.
  • After 2 weeks, WorkClout increased the output of on-time job completions by 85%.

Week over week, there’s been a 10% growth rate in fulfillment capacity for new business and job tickets. Projected volume increase for 2019: $240,000

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