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Inventory Management
Manage Inventory, Anticipate Demand.
Ensure you have an accurate inventory count using WorkClout.
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Inventory Management

Get an accurate reading of your inventory levels at any time. Build a ledger to ensure that the inventory movements are accurate when planning for production. Enable lot tracking to batch items to associate expiration dates and locations.

Bin and Lot Tracking
Batch items into lots, add expiry dates, and reference bin locations
Bill of Materials
Determine item consumption and build a Bill of Materials
Bin and Lot Tracking

Create item movements

Item movements such as additions, deductions and transfers can be generated for items that are associated to lots.

Multiple lots per item

Reference an item's lot information such as the expiration date or location to ensure that the right inventory is being consumed or shipped.

Bill of Materials

Nest components for inventory

Associate components to items and job tickets to ensure that the correct materials are used during production.

Reference your bill of materials

A bill of materials is automatically generated for every job when items are added. Reference the usage amounts and create item movements in inventory as necessary.

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