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Skills Management
Coming Soon
Monitor & assign skills to employees
Keep track of your employee's skills to ensure that you have the right people ready for the job.
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Promote employee growth with skills management
Empower your employees to grow within your company by tracking and managing their skills.
Approve Skill Requests
Manage and maintain your employee's skillset and ensure that they're progressing within your organization.
Close Skill Gaps
Visually see and track where your organization stands in terms of skills development
Approve Skill Requests

Manage Employee Skills. Assign approvers to manage employees that request for skills using the approval dashboard.

Close Skill Gaps

Identify Skill Gaps. Visualize your organization's skill tree and easily identify where additional training and development is needed on a team level.

Assign Skills. Create and assign skills to employees to track their proficiency when operating with teams and assets at your organization.

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