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Streamline your CAPA processes and eliminate non-conformities using tasks
Use tasks to plan, act, check and prevent on a daily basis to keep your operations lean and efficient.
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Improve quality and safety processes with tasks
Eliminate waste and improve your workforce efficiency by automating processes.
Assignment Board
Manage and visualize all assignments from a visual board
Collaborate in real-time within tasks
Set recurring tasks so your workers get assignments when it matters most
Custom Form Fields
Select from a number of available form fields to customize your tasks.
Assignment Board

Drag and Drop - Easy-to-use drag and drop board allows you to see all assignments to completion.

Take Action - Get a sense of all activities happening within your facility to get a better sense of what's most important.


Focused Conversations - Comments are embedded within tasks to keep conversations focused on planning and taking action.

Identify Root Cause - Work with your team to identify root cause when issues or incidents occur.


Recurring. Set and automate daily, weekly, monthly tasks that workers must complete for preventive action.

Procedural. Integrate tasks into work instructions to capture information and progress.

Custom Form Fields

Checklists. Create custom checklist items for safety, quality or general work procedures.

Media Upload. Require media uploads for quality checking projects or products.

Sign Off. Send notifications and require manager sign off before completing tasks.

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