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Track job progression and take action using Workflows.
Create and manage your job tickets on WorkClout. Utilize the flexibility of workflows and visualize progress until production completion for each job ticket.‍
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Every manufacturing plant will have their own unique workflow. Our workflow system is built with this in mind, so that you can modify and create a workflow that is fits exactly what you need. This makes WorkClout feel custom tailored to your manufacturing process.

State Management
Customize your workflow states that need to take place before job completion.
Job Ticketing
Get accurate job lead times and visualize workflow from beginning to end.
State Management


Create tasks and attach custom forms that must be filled in order to progress a job through the workflow.


Create and edit run configurations to capture form data or simply production quantities and progress jobs forward.

Job Ticketing

Item Details

Reference and modify important item details to ensure clarity across departments during production.

Workflow Visualization

Visualize your job in its current state on the workflow right on the dashboard so that you know what actions to take.


Add attachments for reference by anyone using the dashboard.

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