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Electrical Appliances
Maximize your production output using all the right components within WorkClout.
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Electrical Appliances

With so many components that go into the manufacturing process of electrical components, it's important to have a visual cue of all the parts being worked on and where they are in the production process. Using WorkClouts workflow and scheduling system, you're able to plan production in a way that ensures that all processes are worked on and taken into consideration.

Supported Subsectors
Household Appliance
Electrical Equipment
Electrical Lighting Equipment
No items found.
Why WorkClout?
Automate Manual Tasks
Plan your pre-production, execute on production, and assign runs to operators.
End-to-End Visibility
Visualize your whole operation and keep track of each step of the production process, easily.
Analyze and Improve
Track every action on the factory floor and leverage data to optimize production and drive continuous improvement.
What Makes WorkClout Different?
Whether your factory fulfillment strategy is make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, etc. WorkClout’s workflows are tailored to your specific process.
WorkClout integrates w/ almost every tool that you use and leverages the data for smarter scheduling.
Get started in as little as 30 days. Operators and Admins will love using WorkClout’s intuitive interface.
Get notified, assign tasks to your staff, see activity in every department and take action in real time all within WorkClout.
Power Up With WorkClout's Suite of Features
Inventory Management
Manage Inventory, Anticipate Demand.
Retrieve and send data using Integrations.
WorkClout uses the latest technology in web security.
See Reports. Get Insights. Take Action.
Operator Portal
Get real-time floor reporting using the Operator Portal.
Advanced Production Schedule
Get a real-time pulse of your factory using our Advanced Production Schedule.
Track job progression and take action using Workflows.
WorkClout can help your Operations Team automate, analyze bottlenecks, & drive continuous improvement.
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