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We are not taking any new customers for our MRP/MES offering at the moment. Our team is focused on providing existing customers with support and working on a performance support solution.
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Make data driven decisions to elevate your factory operations

WorkClout software is the new, smarter way for manufacturers to plan & schedule people, machines, and processes together for production—without the complexity.
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Why WorkClout?
We help your production get ahead of schedule.
WorkClout helps your team find information fast, schedule your jobs automatically, and gets your team to work together-in an incredibly easy way.
Get better at producing or assembling by using data.
Continuous improvement only works if you have data. WorkClout helps collect data on your shop floor and uses that data to analyze bottlenecks, make suggestions, and help you make decisions that will increase your output.
My whole goal was to find a system that improved communication. WorkClout not only did that, but actually increased revenue for my whole business.
Janak, President of Ultimate Paper Box
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One of the biggest problems we faced was scheduling. WorkClout made it easy to sync all of our existing data and made our process much more simple.
Jason Walia, Operations Manager at Flex
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Scheduling has been more effective since we started using [WorkClout], 90 % less mistakes.
IT Manager @ Custom Made Meals
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WorkClout’s team made it ridiculously simple to onboard. Now I manage all my operations efficiently, which significantly impacts the bottom line.
Henry Mann, President of Package Five
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Integrate With Existing Software
Your existing data is important, and that’s why WorkClout was built with integrations in mind.
Our engineers will work with you to integrate with your existing solution.
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