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New Feature: Use Projects to track your continuous improvement initiatives
Product Updates
New Feature: Use Projects to track your continuous improvement initiatives
Learn how you can use Projects to focus your team and build a process improvement culture that works.

Now you can track your continuous improvement initiatives using Projects. Add custom reports to each project and closely track your key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that you're reaching your expected benchmarks.


We've spoken with 50+ Continuous Improvement Managers over the past few months from organizations across the globe to understand some of their biggest needs. Those numerous conversations resulted in us taking the time to build Projects. Using Projects, you can organize your Continuous Improvement initiatives and goals into one place for your teams to reference.

Describe your project goal and goal measurement so that means understand the main Key Performance Indicator driving the success of the project.

Set Start Dates and Target End Dates to give perspective on when Projects are expected to be completed.

Add Custom Reports such as Statistical Process Charts (SPC) to give your team a clear perspective on the impact and correlations between your project tasks and KPI. Learn more about custom reports.

Create and organize your project tasks all in a single place, collaborate with your team members using project commenting to ensure your tasks are impacting your projects.

On-Demand Tasks

Now your employees can quickly start common tasks with a click of a button using On-Demand tasks. Track all of the tasks on the on-demand task page or use the Task Board.

Make your Quality Checks, Safety Inspections, Maintenance Checks and so much more visible and available for your employees to access using On-Demand Tasks.

On-Demand Tasks are available on both our web and mobile platforms.

Some other updates

Informational Form Fields - Now you can add headers, paragraphs, images, or video onto your custom forms to provide your employees with more context when filling out forms.

Streamline your safety, quality, and operational processes with WorkClout.