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Manufacturing in it’s basic definition is the transformation from raw materials to new product. The raw materials can be commodities or components like wood, metal, paper, etc - manufacturing companies use machinery, people, and process to create a product that you use everyday. The actual manufacturing process is the second major function of a manufacturers supply chain.

The Three Components of the Supply Chain:

1) Procuring raw materials ----> 2) Manufacturing raw materials to finished goods ----> 3) Distributing to customer

US & China Manufacturing accounts for the largest percent of the world’s good at 35.9%, this is more than the entire economic output of Canada, Korea, and Mexico.

However, the US manufacturing market leadership is threatened because of high operating costs due to labor, machines, and process. People, labor, process, and machine efficiency account for 86% of operation margins, so consistent misallocation compounds and could cripple the business altogether. On this front, other countries are able to produce more goods at a lower costs than US manufacturers.

Now more than ever, US manufacturers have to be more analytical and optimize their production efficiency to remain the leader in the market or get drastically left behind in 2020 and beyond.

This is problem we’re solving at WorkClout - we created accessible Manufacturing Software to help manufacturers cut costs and double their operating efficiency. WorkClout is software that connects, monitors, and controls complex manufacturing processes and data flows between the front office and the factory floor.

We combined two traditional softwares and combined them into one to create a more robust and consolidated system.

- MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) + MES (Manufacturing Execution Software).


There are over 254,000 manufacturers in the US and around 56% manage their process on paper and excel because existing solutions take up to two years to implement and can cost manufacturers over $250k. The 44% of manufacturers that do have a information software system, but most are missing strong automated production scheduling and capacity planning features. We’ve built our entire system around these core features and why our customers are continually enabled to grow. Add to the fact WorkClout reduces the implementation time and cost by over 90%, so manufacturers can see shorter time to ROI.

With WorkClout, manufacturers are enabled to see a live view of their factory and understand their factory’s true capacity potential.

We’re helping manufacturers of any size get software that can help them respond to high operating costs and price reduction pressures in an extremely accessible way.

WorkClout - making the complex, simple.

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