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March 25, 2019
Inventory Management
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You can access your Tooling by clicking on Inventory > Tooling.

Tooling is inventory tracked as an equipment used to produce a finished good or to complete a job. Generally ordered from vendors and can be reused for multiple jobs.

Creating A Tooling

Click on "New Tooling" to begin creating a new Tooling. Below is a description of the fields on the form.

Tooling Name - This is a specific name of the Tooling.

Vendor(s) - Add any vendor(s) to a Tooling as applicable. This field is used to reference where the tooling is purchased from.

UPC - Existing Tooling UPC codes can be entered here.

Customer Part # - This field is generally not needed when creating a tooling.

Category - If you have different types of Tooling that are categorized, then create a new category for the Tooling or select an existing Tooling category from the dropdown.

Description - Add a general tooling description here for operators and employees to reference on the job ticket.

Stock Unit of Measurement - This is the unit that you'd like to use to track the Tooling. Units are categorized into three distinct types (weight, length, and quantity).

Initial Stock on Hand - This is the amount of Tooling that is currently available and in stock.

Cost Per Unit - This is the cost per unit. This is used to generate an average job cost in the system.

Unit Dimension - Add a dimension to the Tooling if applicable. This only displays when a weight or quantity unit is selected as a Stock Unit of Measurement.

Unit Weight - Add a weight to the Tooling if applicable. This only displays when a length or quantity unit is selected as a Stock Unit of Measurement.

Stock Inventory - Enable Stock Inventory if you'd like always have a certain amount of the Tooling on-hand. WorkClout will notify you when the inventory reaches the a % margin near the Safety Inventory.

Safety Amount - Enter in the amount of the inventory that you'd always like to have in stock.

Safety Margin - Enter in the percentage in which you'd like to be notified when to restock. (e.g. when Tooling amount is 10% near 100, then let me know to restock)

Editing A Tooling

You're able to edit Tooling at any time. This includes the quantity and safety quantity.

You can edit by first locating the Tooling and then clicking on (•••) > Edit.

Note: If you're editing the quantity on the Tooling, our system will ask if you'd like apply the change to the sub-components as well before making the update.

Need to remove a Tooling? You can archive a Tooling by first locating it and then clicking on (•••) > Archive.

Archiving a Tooling will hide it from view and disable it from being produced in future jobs. You can unarchive a Tooling at any time.

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