Creating a Job Ticket
March 25, 2019
Order Management
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Job Tickets

Job Tickets consists of the detailed information required to fulfill a production run on your factory floor and produce Products. Each Job Ticket follows its own production line required to produce the Products.

Creating A Job Ticket

Click on "New Job Ticket" to begin creating a new Job Ticket. Below is a description of the fields on the form.

Production Line - Select an existing Production Line for the Job Ticket.

Project - Enter in a unique project name for the Job Ticket.

Assignee - Select an assignee. This user will receive regular updates about changes that are made to the job ticket.

Job Requirements- Based on the Production Line selected, a number of Job Requirements may show up. Some enabled and some disabled depending on the previous configuration. At least one Job Requirement must be enabled before a Job can be created.

Editing A Job Ticket

You're able to edit a Job Ticket at any time.

You can edit by first locating the Job Ticket and then clicking on (•••) > Edit.

Note: You will not be able to edit Job Ticket Production Line or Job Requirements once it has been created. If a mistake was made when creating a Job Ticket, we recommend archiving the Job Ticket and then creating a new one.

Need to remove a Job Ticket? You can archive a Job Ticket by first locating it and then clicking on (•••) > Archive.

Archiving a Job Ticket will hide it from view on the associated Sales Order. Scheduled Tasks will no longer display on the production schedule. You can unarchive a Job ticket at any time.

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