Creating a Downtime Category
March 25, 2019
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Downtime Category

You can access your Downtime Categories by clicking on Settings > Downtime Categories.

Downtime Categories are tracked by your floor operators and is categorized as anytime your machine could and should be operating, but is not. This could be due to a number of reasons. Below are a few examples:

  1. Idle Time: Your machine is idle because there are no jobs scheduled to run. Idle time is tracked automatically.
  2. Maintenance: Your machine requires maintenance before being able to operate run jobs. Types of maintenance categories can be tracked as well.
  3. Equipment Failure: Your machine is broken for whatever reason and requires repair. Types of equipment failures can be tracked as well.

Creating A Downtime Category

Click on "Create Downtime" to begin creating a new downtime. Below is a description of the fields.

Name - This is a specific name of what is causing the downtime (e.g. Wash Up, Changing Plates, Blade Change, etc...)

Parent Category - The parent category is a more general type of downtime. (e.g. Maintenance, Repair, Equipment Failure, etc...)

Editing A Downtime Category

When editing a Downtime Category you can change the name or the Parent Category that it is associated to.

You can edit by first locating the downtime category or parent category and then clicking on (•••) > Edit.

Note: Changing a downtime category's parent category will affect the machine availability rate calculation.

Need to remove a Parent or Downtime Category? You can archive a Parent or Downtime Category by first locating it and then clicking on (•••) > Archive.

Archiving a Parent or Downtime Category will hide it from the operators view and remove it from future reports. You can unarchive a Parent or Downtime Category at any time.

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