Creating a Production Line
March 25, 2019
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Production Line

You can access your Production Line settings by clicking on Settings > Production Line.

A Production Line consists of a series of job requirements (forms and/or machine runs) required to complete a job ticket.

You can create as many Production Lines are you need under your company account on WorkClout. Below are some common ways our customers are taking advantage of having multiple Production Lines

  1. Your company sells products that run on completely different machines or only share a few machines. Having more than one production line helps because you will be able to fulfill sales orders and track production of products that need to run on different machines under one company account.
  2. Your company sells products that run on the same machine, but the order of production varies greatly. Having more than one production line helps because it will allow you to set workflow templates for the order, making job ticketing a lot easier. This makes it easier to create jobs and manage them during production.

Production Line Type

Select an existing Production Line Type to start with an existing template that we've created. When you select an existing Production Line Type, our system will set up job requirements in the production line to get you started.

Want to create your own job requirements? You can select Custom Production Line Type!

Creating a Job Requirement

A Job Requirement is what defines the steps needed to close a job ticket. A Job Requirement is comprised of a number of selections.

Job Requirement Name - A general name that defines that is happening during this step. (e.g. Pre-Press, Printing, etc...)

Requirement Type - Select from Machine Run or Action. Machine Run requires that Job Requirement run through a machine before completion. Action requires that a form be filled out on the job ticket for completion.

Machine Type - If Machine Run is selected for Requirement Type a Machine Type is required. This indicates the type of machine that this job requirement should be scheduled for.

Form To Fill Out - Forms can be created and managed. Learn more about how you can manage your forms here. Adding a form to a Job Requirement allows you to add any additional details required to for the operators to complete a job.

Enabled By Default - Enable this if you'd like for this job requirement to be added to every job by default upon creation. You'll have the ability to toggle this Job Requirement off upon creation of the job.

Assignable to User? - Enable this if you'd like the ability to assign this job requirement to a user. Ideally the user is the one that will be filling out the Job Requirement form and marking it as ready for production.

Default Assignee - Select a default assignee if you'd like the ability to automatically assign this Job Requirement when a job ticket is created with this Production Line. A notification is sent out to the assignee.

Job Requirements can be reorganized by clicking and dragging up or down.

Note: Any changes to Job Requirements will only affect new Job Tickets that are created moving forward. Existing Job Tickets will retain the same Job Requirements and order.

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