Job Ticket - Adding a Product
March 25, 2019
Production Management
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Job Tickets - Add a Product

Add Product(s) to a Job Ticket to define the finished goods being produced during production.

Adding a Product

When viewing a Job Ticket > Click on "Add Product" to add an existing Product. Below is a description of the fields on the form.

Product - Select an existing Product within Inventory

Quantity - Enter in the amount that you'd like to be produced on this Job Ticket

#Up - If you have machines in production that runs on a multiple (e.g. 1-to-2 or 1-to-3) you can indicate the multiple here so that quantity produced on any machine configured with a multiple will have an accurate count.

Allow Overs / Unders? - Select from the dropdown No Overs, No Unders, Allow Overs. No Overs indicates that you do not want to produce any quantities over the amount entered. No Unders indicates that you do not want any quantity less than the amount entered. Allow Overs indicates that you are not opposed to having produced more than the amount entered.

Over Quantity - If you've selected No Unders or Allow Overs, then enter in the additional quantity that you'd like to produce over during Production.

Broker PO # - If you work with Brokers, then this field is useful when the Broker's customer has their own PO# that they'd like to associate to the products being produced.

Editing A Product

You're able to edit a Product at any time.

You can edit by first locating the Product on the Job Ticket and then clicking on (•••) > Edit.

Note: Editing Product amount or #up after tasks have been completed will not update any of the operator logs.

Need to remove a Product? You can remove a Product from a Job Ticket by first locating it and then clicking on (•••) > Remove Product.

Note: Removing a Product from a Job will also remove all logs that have been completed by an operator during Production. We do not recommend removing a Product from a Job Ticket if production has already occurred unless it is completely necessary.

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