Job Ticket - Job Forms
March 25, 2019
Production Management
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Job Tickets - Job Forms

Job Detail Forms can be configured to be useful in a number of ways.

  1. If there are important steps that need to be completed before a Job Ticket enters production you can assign forms and collect information from various departments.
  2. If there is important information that an operator would need to know during their production process. (e.g. Amount of sheets to print, Type of tooling used, etc...)

Note: Job Forms are configured for customers during on-boarding. We'll be releasing a feature that will allow you to manage these forms yourself in the coming weeks.

Updating a Job Form

When viewing a Job Ticket > Click on the "edit" pencil icon to begin updating the Job Form. Job Forms vary depending on the configuration, but here are some of the common fields you may encounter and their purpose.

Ready For Production - Toggle Ready for Production to note that the Job Form is complete and that the next step is ready for production. If the Job Requirement is only a form, then the step will be marked as complete.

Assigned To - Select a user to assign the Job Form to. A notification will be sent out to the user to let them know that they have been assigned to the Job Form.

Additional Detail - This is just a regular text field where you can note any additional information for anyone viewing the Job Ticket or the Operators.

Editing a Job Form

Coming soon*

If you'd like to make a change to a Job Form, you will be able to make the changes via our settings panel.

Note: Changes to the Job Form is only applicable for future jobs.

Need to remove a Job Form? You can remove a Job Form from a Production Line by first clicking into the Production Line and then locating the Job Requirement the form is associated with and then clicking on (•••) > Edit.

Note: Changes made when removing a Job Form from a Job Requirement on a Production Line will only apply to future Job Tickets created under the Production Line.

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