Job Ticket - Overview
March 25, 2019
Production Management
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Job Ticket Overview

The Job Ticket houses all the information required to produce Product(s) on a Production Line. Below is a breakdown of features on a Job Ticket.

You'll notice that the top row of a Job Ticket will display relevant information such as: assignee, salesperson, project name, sales order #, and customer name.

Products - On the main view of the Job Ticket, you'll see Product specs that are being produced on the left hand side. You can add any number of Products to be produced on a Job Ticket during production.

Job Forms - On the main view of the Job Ticket, you'll see a list of forms on the right hand side. These forms are predefined by you and are associated to Job Requirements that have been configured on the Production Line.

Workflow - On the right hand side of the Job Ticket, you'll notice a tab w/ checkmarks. This gives you a quick overview of where the Job Ticket is throughout the workflow requirements. Click on this to open up the panel and reveal a more detailed summary of the Job Ticket progress.

Tasks - When you click into the Tasks tab you'll be shown a list of all the tasks that are scheduled, in-progress, and completed for this Job. These tasks are associated to the Job Requirements. Click on "Schedule Tasks" to be taken to the production schedule or Click on an existing Task to view additional information

Attachments - When you click on the Attachments tab you'll be shown all the attachments related to the Job Ticket. Click on "browse" or drag and drop files to attach anything. These attachments will be viewable by the operators as well!

Editing A Job Ticket

Learn more about how to edit a Job Ticket here.

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