Product - Sub-Components
March 25, 2019
Inventory Management
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Product - Sub-Components

You can access your Product Sub-Components by clicking on Inventory > Product > Select a Product > Sub-Components.

Product Sub-Components consist of Material(s) that are consumed upon the production of the product. For each unit of Product that is produced, the Sub-Component amounts are deducted by the average usage rate.

Adding A Product Sub-Component

Click on "Add Sub-Component" to begin adding a sub-component.

Search For Material Name - Enter in an existing material name to add as a sub-component

Est. Usage Per Product - Enter in the est. usage amount for every product that is produced.

Unlink A Product Sub-Component

You're able to unlink a Product Sub-Component at any time.

You can unlink by first locating the Sub-Component and then clicking on (•••) > Unlink.

Note: Unlinking a Sub-Component from a Product will only take affect on future usage.

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