Production Schedule - Overview
March 25, 2019
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Production Schedule

The production schedule gives you full visibility to your current production line. You can create and schedule a new task and also view existing tasks that are scheduled, in progress, and completed. Below is a general explanation of the Production Schedule.

Zoom In/Out- Click on the magnifying glass containing the ( - ) and ( + ) to

Last Jobs (Products Only) - On the Last Jobs tab, you'll find a list of all previous Job Tickets that the Product was associated to. This gives you a quick reference as to when it was last ran.

Sub-Components (Product and Material Only) - On the Sub-Components tab, you'll find a list of all materials that are used to make up the Product or Material. Add a Sub-Component an indicate the amount of stock used when a Product is produced or Material is used. Stock is automatically adjusted.

Editing An Inventory

Learn how to edit a Product here.

Learn how to edit a Material here.

Learn how to edit a Tooling here.

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