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Process Improvement
Company achieves faster changeover speeds with WorkClout
A coordinated maintenance and operations team reduces cost dramatically.
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A single finding resulted in $37,220 in cost avoidance

Company Overview

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The Challenge

The operations team was using a combination of paper and excel to track their ongoing activities on the floor from production events, safety incidents, to nonconformities identified during production. As a result of this, the company saw that incidents and nonconformities were taking too long to resolve by the time the right person was notified. Operations overall had become impacted negatively because of this.




The Solution

He coordinated with maintenance team and operations team to make it easy for the regrind to be easily transferred, so they wouldn't use Forklifts.


The Results

He was able to identify the problem with more accuracy and timeliness with WorkClout’s escalation path and trend analysis capability. This one finding resulted in $37,220 in cost avoidance.

WorkClout Features
Flexible Integrations
Select from one of our available cloud integrations or use our flexible APIs. You can easily bridge data you need from external sources.
Support for over 50+ languages
Learn in your natural language. WorkClout allows you to set and view documentation in your native language.
Scales with your business
Whether you have 50 or 1000 employees, WorkClout adapts to your organizational structure and setup as it grows.
Real-time and intuitive
Instead of using multiple fragmented tools that slow down your workers, WorkClout works in real-time and is built with you in mind.
Support on all platforms
WorkClout is universal- access information securly on web and mobile apps, available on all iOS and Android devices.
Encrypted and secure
Have peace of mind when accessing your data. WorkClout is built using industry leading security encryption.
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