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Problem Solving & Communication
Centralize communication and solve issues all in one place
WorkClout empowers your shop-floor workers to create, categorize and collaborate to resolve issues quicker.
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Downtime should not be a common occurrence
There is no way around issues arising from a day-to-day operation. When common issues arise, the last thing you want is for your workers to have to look around aimlessly for help. This leads to downtime and ultimately compounds itself to huge losses in both time and money. Resolving issues gets harder as time goes by, new issues arise, and workers become less sure of who is best suited to help solve the issue.
Stay aware of all issues during operation
When it comes to issue tracking, knowing more is better than not knowing at all. Empower your workers to easily track issues so that your teams are aware and can contribute to continuous improvement.
Make your recurring issues, non-issues
Using easy-to-follow troubleshooting guides, your teams can reference common issues to save time. Workers can also view all previously-resolved issues for each resource on the factory floor. Create a knowledge base for any recurring issues for continuous improvement.
Collaborate with your team, all within the same thread
Create new issues by simply scanning a QR code, the appropriate personnel are automatically notified and asked to respond and contribute to solve the problem. Identify answers for issues and create new documentation to continuously improve.
WorkClout Features
Flexible Integrations
Select from one of our available cloud integrations or use our flexible APIs. You can easily bridge data you need from external sources.
Support for over 50+ languages
Learn in your natural language. WorkClout allows you to set and view documentation in your native language.
Scales with your business
Whether you have 50 or 1000 employees, WorkClout adapts to your organizational structure and setup as it grows.
Real-time and intuitive
Instead of using multiple fragmented tools that slow down your workers, WorkClout works in real-time and is built with you in mind.
Support on all platforms
WorkClout is universal- access information securly on web and mobile apps, available on all iOS and Android devices.
Encrypted and secure
Have peace of mind when accessing your data. WorkClout is built using industry leading security encryption.
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