Reduce product setup time by 40% and increase yield output by 30%
Process Improvement
Reduce product setup time by 40% and increase yield output by 30%
How an advanced plastic and rubber technology manufacturer used data to improve process

Reduce product setup time by 40% and increase yield output by 30%

Company Overview

This featured company is a global leader in advanced plastic and rubber polymer technology. The company employs around 2000-3000 workers with locations across the globe. The company specializes in manufacturing packaging for pharma, food & beverage, industrial, and medical industries.

One of the long-standing principles that the company has established is to empower employees and allow them to express new ideas and influence projects that impact the bottom-line.

Challenge & Goals

Before WorkClout, this company was challenged with prioritizing areas of opportunities for process improvement that would correlate to the highest impact on yield output KPI.

Worker execution tasks weren’t being tracked in their ERP system, every task was logged and managed on paper or excel, which made it nearly impossible to efficiently identify bottlenecks that cause decreased inefficiency.

Another byproduct of paper and excel was the lack of project transparency and organization which led to sub-optimal coordination and communication of project tasks and goals to the appropriate teams.


STEP 1 - Collect Data

The first action item was to first enable data capture in each area of the business. They created robust inspections for Gemba walks, Audits, Root Cause, CAPA, Incident Reporting, and more using WorkClout’s form builder and mobile app. They were able to place QR codes at the work centers for each operation so that floor workers could scan the QR code with a tablet and access all data capture forms.

Mock information used in image to represent company forms

STEP 2 - Integrate Data

WorkClout connected to their existing systems for improved data analysis and bottleneck trend analysis. WorkClout was integrated with their SAP system which was used as their primary ERP and maintenance tracking.

STEP 3 - Trend Analysis

After 20 days they were collecting data from their workers via forms and processing incoming data from SAP. WorkClout was able to detect and visualize trends, using statistical processing. WorkClout's SPC chart indicated that there was a bottleneck in product changeover causing a significant slowdown. The production manager was able to see that 3 KPIs were outside the accepted criteria for operations: Waste generated, Yield Output, and Safety Incidents. This was the first time they were able to investigate root cause issues by processing data.

The root cause was determined to be the production team's transfer methods for machine accessories during changeovers. The production team used forklifts to transfer material, causing the machine accessories to sometimes fall over during transfer causing a delay, increasing injury risk, and wasting product.

STEP 4 - Ideate Solutions

With a clearly defined root cause, production managers and maintenance teams could now implement preventive action as a long term solution to the problem. Using Projects on WorkClout, the team was able to clearly define goals and brainstorm a number of potential solutions to fix the problem. Each idea was tracked as tasks in the project.

One particular idea would eliminate the need for a forklift entirely when performing the changeover. Action items were tracked as tasks on the Project and a custom report was added to the project that pulled production data from SAP to track the project impact over time.

STEP 5 - Standardize Procedures For Long-term Benefit

A successful project with positive effects led to preventive actions meant to maintain the new level of efficiency. SOPs could be created or updated as a long term solution. The Project and custom report would be then analyzed in a 30-60-90 day period to ensure sustained efficiency.


- Reduced the setup time by 40% which resulted in a 30% gain in yield output.

- Reduced the incident rates from 5 incidents per month to 1 incident per year, the company no has an on-going record of 432 days without a recorded safety incident.

- 63% reduction in waste generated.

ROI & Value Analysis

A 30% increase in yield output from optimizing product changeover generated approximately $3.3 million profit gain by year-end.

Without WorkClout Project’s feature, it would have been difficult to execute projects, collaborate with teams, and analyze bottlenecks.

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