Save 60 labor hours per week with safety checklists
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Save 60 labor hours per week with safety checklists
How an electrical components manufacturer increased safety and reduced costs using WorkClout

20-30 Safety Auditors saved a total of 180 hours over a period of 3 weeks

Company Overview

This company is a large multinational manufacturer of electrical components. The company employs over 100,000 workers across the globe. Due to the complexity of their products and processes, ensuring that safety procedures and safety audit data are accurate and up to date allows their operations to function more effectively.

Challenge & Goals

One of the biggest blockers within their operational workflow was in their data collection process and reporting. The Environmental and Safety Engineer on staff had the responsibility of collecting paper checklists and manually compiling a report in an office. Workers had to perform daily safety audits on these paper checklists, take verification photos on their phones, and run the paper checklist back to the office. At this point, the data would be manually entered into a spreadsheet, and then be sent off to the involved teams using email.

This tedious process was a huge lag within their workflow, from performing the audit to processing the data, and finally analyzing and distributing it to the respective parties.

The company knew that even just a minor time savings of 20 minutes per safety audit would make a huge impact on their operational output. The goal was to take the existing process of their safety audits and streamline that as much as possible using WorkClout.


To demonstrate the ease in which WorkClout can be implemented and how quickly ROI can be measured, we first started by piloting the safety audit checklists with a small team in their California location for 3 weeks.

Step 1 - Digitize their existing safety audit checklists onto WorkClout as custom forms.

mock information used in image to represent company forms

Step 2 - Track and complete the safety audit checklists and verification through WorkClout using tablets.

Mock information used in image to represent company forms

Step 3 - Generate custom reports that would notify the respective parties when a safety deviation occurred in their process.

Mock information used in image to represent company deviation report


A positive outcome was immediately realized when we digitized their safety audit checklists. By digitizing their safety audit checklists onto WorkClout, their floor auditors were now able to complete safety checks and also include inspection images, all within a single form that instantly streamed the data to WorkClout. By enabling a review approval process for safety audit checklists, we were able to ensure that improvements could be made to safety audit checklists to improve efficiency.

ROI & Value Analysis

Over the pilot period, it was estimated that the team of around 20-30 auditors had saved a total of 180 hours, or an average of around 2 hours per auditor. This amounts to 60 hours of labor saved per week, which was huge!

In addition to saving time completing audits, the process of analyzing and gathering report data was near-instant since the adoption of WorkClout. Reports were automatically updated and the Environmental and Safety Engineer on site was able to quickly grab the report and share it with the rest of the team.

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