TRIR per 1000 cars produced reduced from 5.95 to 1.95 in a matter of 83 days
Process Improvement
TRIR per 1000 cars produced reduced from 5.95 to 1.95 in a matter of 83 days
How an automotive manufacturer used WorkClout to drastically reduce its TRIR over time.

TRIR (total recordable injury rate) per 1000 cars produced reduced from 5.95 to 1.95 in 83 days

Company Overview

This featured company is an American automotive manufacturer that sells all across the globe. In each location, you can find anywhere from 500 to 10000 employees working on their factory floor. They're recognized as one of the top-rated manufacturing facilities in terms of safety and take pride in their ability to protect their workers.

Challenge & Goals

Before WorkClout, this company already had one of the highest worker safety ratings in their industry, but they did not want to become complacent with this achievement. Safety incidents were still an occurrence within their operations, which meant that improvement could still be made to reduce this number. The goal set by company leaders was to reduce the safety incidents to 0 within their facilities. At the time, their total recordable injury rate (TRIR) per 1000 cars produced was 5.95, which was 5-7% above the industry average. To get closer to its benchmark of 0 safety incidents, the company determined that streamlining their continuous improvement process for safety would be its primary objective.

The company had a few software systems already in use to track their production data among other things. Due to the fragmentation between these systems, managers were spending significant amounts of time to run the required reports to determine root causes and trends. Managers knew that in this industry, time was critical to success. The quicker problems were identified, the faster the subsequent actions could take place to resolve and improve processes. The company lacked the necessary visibility to determine the impact of its process improvement actions on safety.

When working with WorkClout, one of the biggest challenges that their mangers pointed out was how limited and time-consuming it was to plan, track, and organize their safety improvement initiatives. The company needed a streamlined way to:

  1. Identify new opportunities to improve safety and reduce TRIR
  2. Implement and test their safety solutions and ideas
  3. Track the effectiveness of their solutions
  4. Communicate and align the involved teams on the safety initiatives


To help the company get closer to a benchmark goal of 0 safety incidents, we took the steps below to help them make their continuous improvement processes as efficient as possible.


To help improve data analysis and make it both efficient and smarter, we integrated with their existing EHS, QMS, and ERP software to normalize the data and make it accessible from WorkClout. The result of this allowed the company to easily extract important information using statistical processing and machine learning, leading to improved insights.


The VP of EHS at the company had 30 years of experience and expressed some of his most important factors to an effective safety-oriented organization.

  1. Listening to employees
  2. Constant observation of daily work activities
  3. Proactively reviewing and acting on worker concerns
  4. Consistent embodiment and practice of a safety-first culture

With this in mind, we were able to identify the gaps in their existing processes and determined that improving their employee access to provide input, escalate issues, and recommend ideas would be key to getting them closer to their safety goals.

Issue tracking gave teams the ability to quickly escalate issues and notify managers. This feature was a supplement to the Andon cord.

Mock information used in image to represent company issue form

Projects allowed workers to suggest new safety ideas with a focus on a single objective.

Mock information used in image to represent company safety project

Commenting on tasks and projects gave workers a new channel to receive the latest updates on daily activities.

Mock information used in image to represent company safety checklist


The goal of the first engagement with WorkClout was to take a proactive approach to safety. Using Projects allowed the company to perform experiments more frequently, perform experiments in shorter time frames, and measure the experiments more effectively. Each safety project tested had a unique goal that revolved around improvements in ergonomics, correct safety equipment controls, new or improved. safety checks, and much more. These smaller frequent improvements over time-powered by Projects led to compounding improvements within their facilities of 5000+ employees.


Before adopting WorkClout, the company had an average capacity of around 15-20 experiments per quarter at each location. This capacity nearly doubled to 40-45 experiments per quarter after integrating with their other systems and using WorkClout's Projects feature.

Alongside the increased capacity to run safety experiments, the company was able to extract more learnings and insight. WorkClout's custom reports helped improve the managers' confidence to take action and improve safety.

ROI & Value Analysis

TRIR per 1000 cars produced reduced from 5.95 to 1.95 in 83 days. Unexpectedly, the company also improved OEE by 35% by using WorkClout Projects to track and improve its quality processes. As a result, the company was able to reduce injury significantly and reduce cost per output by a large amount.

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