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The 4th Industrial Revolution starts with your workers
Leading factories are investing significantly more in their people, and the results are showing. The 4th industrial revolution is within sight, augmenting your workers with technology to create a connected workforce will give you the competitive advantage.
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98% of firms express concern over their aging workforce
One of the biggest concerns facing the industrial space today is the aging workforce. 98% of firms have expressed concerns of loss in institutional knowledge as these workers retire. In parallel, the ability to recruit and hire new talent has also become increasingly difficult as recent graduates prefer digitally oriented roles.
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Digitize & organize knowledge. Streamline learning & development.
Segmented workforces make collaboration & learning difficult
With the rise in labor and transportation costs, more firms are relocating to various regions around the world to save time and money. As a result, workers are more disperse, which requires new and intuitive way to share learnings across geographical boundaries.
Enable collaboration with every action.
Data isn’t being utilized to solve problems & make decisions
Machines have started to become more connected over the past few years, factories are starting to collect more enriched data from multiple sources, but are finding it hard to comprehend it. Firms are experiencing data paralysis as they are unable to take actions that generate value.
Let your data help you make better decisions
Reports & Analytics
Get data on how your workforce is performing. Make decisions to improve process.
COVID-19 has resulted in major structural changes
The COVID-19 pandemic has made waves across the globe. Factories need to make major adjustments to fundamental work processes. Physical contact during activities such as daily communication, shift changes, root-cause investigations, and more have to be reduced.
Our response to COVID-19
Anticipate financial impact
Anticipate a change in operations
Are facing supply chain disruptions
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