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Continuous Improvement Software helping your frontline workers perform better.
WorkClout is a mobile & web application that helps industrial, frontline workers perform better by centralizing performance tracking, tasks, on-the-job work instructions, skills training, & communication.
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World Class Continuous Improvement Teams Use WorkClout
Capterra Top 20 for MRP Jan-2020
WorkClout is voted Top 20 by Capterra
Why WorkClout?
Performance Support is helping organizations around the world bridge the skills gap within industrial sectors in manufacturing, energy, construction, agriculture, and more.
Accelerate onboarding with documented work instructions
Centralize and solve issues from anywhere on the floor
Document and distribute new knowledge throughout your organizational resources
Communicate crucial updates to teams in an instant
Alignment across all departments
Enable better communication to your workforce, managers, and corporate.
Get Instant access to work instructions.
Solve problems and update best practice for daily operations.
Progress and acquire skills.
Real-time visibility and communication of issues.
Measure training effectiveness & track worker skills progression.
Implement continuous improvement effectively.
Increase throughput and profits as operations become more efficient.
Broadcast anouncements on a company-wide basis.
Establish global standards and compliance.
Available on iOS, Android, and Web
WorkClout is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Get up and running quick and easy.
Don't just take our word for it
See how WorkClout Performance support drove better performance for our customers.
Verified Reviewer on Capterra
Oil and Gas
Engagement improved by 20%
"Leaderboard and keeping progress tabs on my ops team has helped me tremendously"
Verified Reviewer on Capterra
Stack overflow for internal operations
"Easiest way to get answers on the job."
Verified Reviewer on Capterra
Consumer Electronics
Standardization has been a need for us...
"If you need to standardize and systemize your processes, procedures, training and individual employee performance, then Workclout is your answer."
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Software Advice thinks that WorkClout is a FrontRunner™ and the #1 software in the manufacturing space in usability and customer satisfaction!
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