Use WorkClout for Safety Management
Make safety the foundation of your operations.
Make safety the foundation of your operations.
How to Use WorkClout for Safety
When your workers feel safe, your productivity increases are limitless. Workplace safety has the highest return on investment, just take a look at how Alcoa has quadrupled its market cap by focusing on a safety-first culture. Using WorkClout for safety, your workers can put in the effort to do their best work.
Improves Company Reputation
As competition grows, your company will need to stand out from the competitors. To be known as the safest company in your industry will help you recruit better talent, retain your employees longer, and improve overall profit. Use WorkClout to actively work towards a total recordable incident rate of zero using our digital forms and robust reporting.
Improves Culture
The conscious decision to invest in safety tools will show your team that you prioritize their safety. WorkClout gives your team the tools that make it easier to problem solve and take the initiative to make safety a high priority. You will see a boost in morale and transform your workplace safety culture for the better.
Promotes Preventive Safety
Take a proactive approach to identify hazards that risk workplace safety and have the tools to resolve issues before safety incidents occur. WorkClout promotes productivity, reduces costs, and most importantly, protects your workers.
Improve by tracking where incidents are most likely to occur
Incidents can come up at any place and at any time, which is why accessibility to reporting new issues is so important. With WorkClout, your workers can simply scan and report new issues from any device using photos and videos.
Automated alarm notifications help you respond quickly to safety incidents
How you react to safety incidents matters, the slower the response the more detrimental an incident becomes, and without context you can be unprepared to respond. With WorkClout, you can trigger alert notifications to escalate issues in real-time to the right person and with the right context.
Streamline safety protocols by performing visual safety checks and procedures
The best way to standardize safety is to ensure repeatability with little variance. With WorkClout you’re able to schedule safety checklists for every process. Use our robust no-code form builder to create forms that include visual work instructions and troubleshooting.
WorkClout form template builder with quality inspection
Flexible Integrations
Select from one of our available cloud integrations or use our flexible APIs. You can easily bridge data you need from external sources.
Lightning-fast implementation
Implement a centralized quality process within your teams in 7 days. See all your ISO and quality information in one place.
Scales with your business
Whether you have 50 or 1000 employees, WorkClout adapts to your organizational structure and setup as it grows.
Real-time and intuitive
Instead of using multiple fragmented tools that slow down your workers, WorkClout works in real-time and is built with you in mind.
Support on all platforms
WorkClout is universal- access information securly on web and mobile apps, available on all iOS and Android devices.
Encrypted and secure
Have peace of mind when accessing your data. WorkClout is built using industry leading security encryption.
illustration of person performing an inspection using a tablet on WorkClout.
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