Use WorkClout for Incident Management
Respond to issues and incidents more effectively.
Respond to issues and incidents more effectively.
How to Use WorkClout for Incident Management
For every issue that arises, there is an opportunity to learn. Your company’s issues force the organization to adapt and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. WorkClout enables your workforce to see issues as a positive event that serves to improve the company’s overall operation.
Build Accountability
WorkClout enables a single person or team to be the hero when an incident occurs by avoiding groupthink, a person or team will always know their responsibility to resolve an issue.
Improve Transparency & Problem Solving
Having access to real-time information delivered to the right people allows for better transparency and problem-solving. WorkClout gives your workforce the ability to be on the same page, which improves collaboration because everyone has context and visibility.
Reduced Downtime and Improved Productivity
The purpose of an incident management process is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business operations. Using WorkClout, you can ensure that the agreed levels of service quality are maintained.
Constantly Learn & Improve with Troubleshooting Guides
The best way to learn is by making and correcting mistakes, with WorkClout you’re able to keep a record of an incident, it’s resolution, and save it as a troubleshoot guide using WorkClout’s central knowledge base features.
Streamline Corrective Actions
Accountability allows for better resolution, with WorkClout you can automatically assign an action to an employee for them to resolve correct an issue and identify the root cause.
Respond Quicker to Incidents with Alarms & Escalations
When accidents happen, your reaction matters. Slow response leads to detrimental effects, and without context, you can be unprepared to respond quickly. With WorkClout, you’re able to respond lightning fast! You can set up triggers to escalate an issue in real-time to the right person and with the right context.
More Features
WorkClouts features help solve all your unique problems all industries.
Flexible Integrations
Select from one of our available cloud integrations or use our flexible APIs. You can easily bridge data you need from external sources.
Support for over 50+ languages
Learn in your natural language. WorkClout allows you to set and view documentation in your native language.
Scales with your business
Whether you have 50 or 1000 employees, WorkClout adapts to your organizational structure and setup as it grows.
Real-time and intuitive
Instead of using multiple fragmented tools that slow down your workers, WorkClout works in real-time and is built with you in mind.
Support on all platforms
WorkClout is universal- access information securly on web and mobile apps, available on all iOS and Android devices.
Encrypted and secure
Have peace of mind when accessing your data. WorkClout is built using industry leading security encryption.
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