WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Safety Reports
WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Safety Reports
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WorkClout: The Best Alternative to Safety Reports
Learn about the alternative to Safety Reports, how their support and software stack up against competitors, and which safety inspection solution is best for your team.
November 13, 2020

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1 Is Safety Reports the best safety inspection tool for your team?

2 The Drawbacks of Safety Reports

  2.1 Fragmented User Experience

 2.2 Poor Customer Support

 2.3 Confusing Pricing

3 WorkClout - The Best Alternative to Safety Reports

4 What else makes WorkClout different?

Is Safety Reports the best safety inspection tool for your team?

Safety Reports is a popular suite of safety apps that is popular in the industrial space. Like many other safety applications out there, Safety Reports provides many features that teams need to start improving their safety. Safety Reports has been in the market since 2011 and serves some customers in the United States, but may not be the best choice for some companies looking to improve their safety and quality.

Although Safety Reports has many features that businesses require, it lacks in its inability to centralize and consolidate those features into a singular platform. Each of their features requires it's own application and separate pricing, making for a clunky user experience and an inefficient method of consolidating your safety. Also, Safety Reports pricing is not very clear, making it much more expensive for your team than expected.

There are several better alternatives to Safety Reports that can help your business achieve improved safety and quality. In this post, we'll explore how these alternatives are better for you.

The Drawbacks of Safety Reports

Fragmented user experience

Like many other legacy software for the industry space in the market, Safety Reports was founded in 2011 and has not improved its user interface and aesthetic from what was common in the 2000s. A recent study illustrates the scale of how powerful a better user experience can be for end-users in terms of time saved and goal achieved. Also, Safety Reports requires a separate application and log in to access their different features, which increases the friction for teams to achieve their goals and cross-reference data.

Safety Reports is a fragmented number of features that require separate applications, whereas WorkClout is a cohesive platform that provides instant access from a single application. User experience is where WorkClout takes a stronghold against alternatives in the market. We give you and your teams a singular, cohesive, and easy-to-use application that works on any mobile device and computer.

Poor customer support

Many customers in the industrial space require around the clock support with multiple shifts throughout the workday. The customer service for Safety Reports is not all that good. Not only is support restricted for paying customers on their standard or enterprise tier, but Safety Report's support hours are only from 8 am - 5 pm eastern standard time.

At WorkClout, we provide support for all customers, including the ones that are using our free tier. All our paying customers are paired with a dedicated account manager, and our customer success team is working around the clock to improve our help guides and documents. Also, our enterprise customers receive 24/7 support via live chat, email, or phone.

Confusing pricing

For modern industrial businesses, key features such as custom checklist uploads, analytics, cloud integrations, sharing, web interface, and more are locked behind expensive plans on Safety Reports. The software pricing is not transparent with what is included in each tier unless you schedule to speak with a representative, making it challenging to find a product and application that fits your needs.

The pricing shown below is not very specific, and there are no details for what is required to start using the software. For example, what does $70/monthly refer to? Does it include unlimited users? Are there additional fees?

WorkClout makes pricing transparent and clear to all our customers. Any team can get started for free with a 14-day pro plan trial. The trial includes access to all our pro features. The best part is that it does not require a credit card, and you can cancel anytime. You can learn more about our transparent pricing.

WorkClout - The Best Alternative to Safety Reports

WorkClout is an excellent alternative to Safety Reports. The table below outlines some of the reasons why WorkClout can be a better fit for your team and organization.

What else makes WorkClout different?

While having a table to check off is excellent, WorkClout is not your typical safety inspection software company.

  1. Our team has prominent experience in both the industrial and technology sectors, which allows us to bring the best of both worlds into a cohesive platform.
  2. We're always building new features and implementing your feedback into the product. We release new features and updates almost every week. Learn more about our feature updates and some of the new things on WorkClout.
  3. Our support is top-tier and easily accessible. You can live chat with customer success from almost anywhere on WorkClout.
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