Our Mission
To enable the desk less workforce to perform to their highest potential.
Our Story
Built for the deskless workforce.  Our company was founded to support deskless, frontline workers and enable them to perform to the best of their ability. We want to give them the tools to perform safety & quality inspections, share knowledge, learn faster, and improve more effectively.

Our company is led by industrial leaders who have experienced the pain of working with never ending paperwork and excel spreadsheets. Industrial Inspections 1.0 was led by paper, Inspections 2.0 was digitized by excel, Inspections 3.0 was streamlined by mobile-enabled software, Inspections 4.0 is driven by sensors, complete customization, and shared worker knowledge.

We are the only company that is driving the Inspections 4.0 initiative into the 22nd century.
Our Purpose
We believe that deskless teams should perform at their full capacity.
Learn & Grow
We believe that individuals should continuously learn, develop and share knowledge.
We believe safety and quality should be connected to every asset of the organization.
Streamline your safety, quality, and operational processes with WorkClout.