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Our Mission
To enable the industrial workforce to perform to their highest potential.
Our Story
Built by industrial workers for industrial workers. All three cofounders have worked in manufacturing, government, fleet management and more. Our company was founded within a manufacturing plant and saw there were three problems addressing the industry: skills gap is widening as automation continues, employee turnover is high while employee motivation is low, and the blue collar age gap of replacing people who retire is nonexistent. WorkClout Performance support is meant to empower blue collar workers to perform to the best of their ability, we want to give them the tools to share knowledge, learn faster, and solve problems more effectively.

Our goal is to revitalize the industry and avoid total employee displacement by giving workers superpowers using software.
Our Purpose
We believe that operations team should perform at their full capacity.
Learn &Β Grow
We believe that individuals should continuously learn, develop and progress their careers.
We believe that HR and operations in the industrial sector should always be in sync.
Ready to equip your workforce with the ultimate tool?