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activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.
influence or reputation, especially in business.

We believe that the best manufacturers build a reputation of trust and authority, in their industries, through the quality of their work. WorkClout was built to make sure manufacturers have the best tools to succeed by keeping their focus on what they do best: manufacturing quality products.
Our Mission
Our mission is to build the operating system for manufacturers all over the world.
Our Story
Before WorkClout, Arjun Patel (CEO) used to be an Operations Manager at a folding carton manufacturer and got frustrated that there wasn’t any software that could do what he needed.

After speaking to other manufacturers, Arjun realized that the industry really only invested in systems like EFI, SAP, Netsuite, Epicor, etc to help them schedule, plan, and track production - but was frustrated because it was too expensive, overly complicated -- and didn’t really get the job done.

So, he built WorkClout with a team of the top tech engineers and industry leaders to help Plant Managers improve cycle times and overall plant productivity - making sure it was affordable, user-friendly, and easy to implement in any factory.

Today, WorkClout caters to the entire lifecycle of a manufacturer, from order to cash.
Bryan Trang
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
With over a decade leading product and design, Bryan has worked with companies like Transdev, Genentech, and Disney to optimize logistic experiences for end-users. Bryan oversees the product and works closely with every customer, so they can operate at full capacity.
Arjun Patel
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
The son of a manufacturer and an operations manager himself, Arjun has seen all the challenges plant operations deal with firsthand. He started his career in management consulting, with a focus on manufacturers, helping implement Kaizen and lean six sigma best practices. Arjun oversees the business and growth of WorkClout.
Richard Girges
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
Richard has over two decades experience building software systems for Disney, Omaze, Steelhouse (Oracle backend) and more. Richard oversees the entire technology stack that powers WorkClout, making sure it stays reliable and fast.
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