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Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) Process On WorkClout

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Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) Process
1: What are the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D)?

The Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving or 8D is a methodology used to help automotive manufacturers discover the root cause of their problems. Developed by The Ford Motor Company, The goal for 8D is to discover the root cause issues causing the problem and then implement a long-term solution to prevent it from recurring. Using 8D is a great tool to help you uncover underlying problems that might be causing defects or customer dissatisfaction.

Not only is 8D an effective method to improve processes, but it's also a relatively simple concept to teach and learn, which is why 8D is so powerful.

D1: Form a Team

Having a cross-functional team, made up of members from varying disciplines is best to help you cover more ground when applying 8D. Team members should be categorized into two sub-groups:

Core - team members that use a more data-driven approach, typical people in product, process, and data

Subject Matter Experts (SME) - team members that can help brainstorm, study, and observe the process. Do not be afraid to bring in new SMEs to help with any part of the process.

WorkClout supports robust team management that is used to streamline communication in real-time via email, app, and desktop. To create new teams simply, navigate to the employee directory to manage your teams and users.

D2: Describe the Problem

The 8D method can only be successful if the problem is properly identified and understood across the team members. By doing so, your team can utilize known data to run comparisons in the future after a solution has been implemented to determine effectiveness. Some tools and methods used to help identify problems are:

  1. 5 Why's
  2. Affinity Diagram
  3. Fishbone Diagram
  4. Is / Is Not

To help document and better facilitate this process, you can find some of our best problem-solving templates on our template marketplace to document on WorkClout.

D3: Interim Containment Action

To alleviate the current problem, action should be taken in order to protect the affected customers at the moment. The Interim Containment Action (ICA) is temporary and should be replaced with the Permanent Corrective Action (PCA) after completing 8D.

The best way to track and document an ICA on WorkClout is to create and assign an action to the team leaders, where all the discussion can take place in regards to the ICA.

D4: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Escape Point

In order to permanently prevent the problem, the root cause must be identified. Some methods during this step include:

  1. Comparative Analysis
  2. Development of Root Cause Theories
  3. Verification of Root Cause Theories
  4. Review Process Flow Diagrams
  5. Determine Escape Points, the closest point in the process where root cause could be found
D5: Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)

The PCA must be directed towards the root cause and removes/changes the conditions of the process or product that caused the problem. Activities in this step include:

  1. Determining Acceptance Criteria
  2. Conducting an FMEA on the PCA choices
  3. Decide on a proper PCA
  4. Select a control point improvement for the Escape Point
  5. Verify how effective the PCA and Escape Points are
D6: Implement and Validate the Permanent Corrective Action

For a permanent change to be successfully implemented, proper planning is essential. The project plan must encompass these factors:

  • Communication
  • Measurements of Success
  • Lessons Learned 

Some activities for D6 include:

  • Developing a project plan
  • Communicate the plan to stakeholders
  • Validate improvements using measurements
D7: Preventing Recurrence

Your team needs to retain and document the shared knowledge that was gained while identifying, resolving, and preventing this problem. It's important to review existing documents or procedures and update them accordingly to improve future outcomes.

Activities in this step include:

  • Reviewing similar products, process to prevent other issues
  • Creating or updating procedures and work instructions
  • Capturing new standard work and practices
  • Assuring FMEA has been updated
  • Assuring Control Plans have been updated
D8: Closure

For any team to succeed, it's important to provide feedback for a satisfactory closure. Take this time to recognize the work and efforts of each individual in what they've contributed to the process.

Activities in this step include:

  • Archive 8D for future reference
  • Document lessons learned to improve the problem-solving process
  • Before-and-after comparisons
  • Celebration and recognition of the team
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