The best inspection software for a desk-less workforce
WorkClout is built as a connected solution, so your workers can be too.
All the building blocks you need to create your inspections
All inspections can be built using these WorkClout's form builder: Columns, Selections, Checklists, Barcode Scanning, Media Uploads,and more. WorkClout provides you with the complete set of smart field inputs out of the box. Spend less time with paper and start building your digital inspection forms in as little as 30 seconds.
Custom Forms
Trigger escalations
Use triggers to escalate failed inspection items with notifications
Bring more versatility to your inspections and react quicker by escalating issues and notifications when specific inspections have failed.
Perform your inspections, from any device
Have your team conduct inspections from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone within minutes. Take photos, track corrective action items, and leave comments to ensure everything is accounted for.
Perform Inspections
Create actions
Do more and track more using actions during your inspections
Quickly create corrective actions in real-time during your inspections for new issues that need to be tracked and resolved. You can assign actions to teammates, add a priority, and collaborate to resolve issues.
Share auto-generated reports with your teams
Reports are automatically generated for your inspections: which include failed responses, actions created, past due , top failures and more.
Learn more - Analyze Reports
Integrations and reports
Connect to anything for custom reports
Integrate your system with WorkClout to share familiar data with your team members by using our Public API, Cloud Integration Enterprise Integration Package
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Learn about WorkClout's features and how it can help your organization improve process and empower workers.
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