Use WorkClout for Layer Process Audits (LPAs)
Take a proactive stance on quality by validating a full-proof production process before defects get out of hand.
Discover and uncover new improvements that can be implemented into the process
Enable clear directions for tracking corrective actions
Improve the communication and response between departments
Reduce the number of scrap and waste during production
Layer Process Audits (LPAs) on WorkClout

Layer Process Audit (LPA) is conducted on the WorkClout App

WorkClout Automates CAPA, logic, calculations, alarms, and escalations

LPA data is securly stored on WorkClout cloud servers

LPA data is visible in real-time on the WorkClout dashboard

A Completed Solution For
Layer Process Audits (LPAs)
1 - Prioritize the most critical problems

LPAs have the potential to work within any defined production process, but the most crucial step before creating an LPA is first to find and prioritize the most severe or most frequent problem. These problems can range from customer complaints, safety or high-risk areas identified on the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA).

2 - Training the auditors

LPAs are designed to be conducted by workers that might not have previous experience conducting audits. Because workers need to be focused on their tasks, the audits must be easy to access and simple to complete. WorkClout QMS is available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing your workers/auditors to perform LPAs with a click of a button. Features that make LPAs insanely easy include:

Conditional Logic - Display or hide information and audit questions depending on previous selections made. Keep your workers focused on capturing only the information that matters most.

Trigger Notifications - Automatically trigger email and in-app notifications when specific selections are made on the LPA to alert and escalate potential issues and solve quality issues before they compound.

Corrective Actions - Log and assign corrective action items to team members as an LPA is in progress. Minimize distraction by quickly assigning the action and returning your focus to complete the audit with minimal distraction.

3 - Develop a great LPA checklist

Creating a proper checklist is the most critical step of having effective LPAs. Every LPA should be tailored and customized to your company's specific process, not to be confused with the product. The purpose of the LPA is to ensure that there are no unwanted variations in the process. Keep your LPA checklists short and no longer than 15 questions. In addition, keep the responses on your LPA simple and elicit (e.g. Yes and No, Pass and Fail, etc...)

4 - Track your Failures

"You can't manage what you can't measure." Failure metrics are important to track on your LPAs to guarantee their effectiveness. Here are some critical LPA metrics you can track through WorkClout.

  • LPAs Completed/Closed
  • Nonconformance/Failure Numbers
  • Total Number of Corrective Actions Assigned
  • Corrective Actions Completed
  • LPA Score
LPA Conclusion

Layer Process Audits (LPAs) are a full-proof way to ensure that your next project takes a proactive approach to quality. LPAs allow your process to flow smoothly by adding simple yet effective checklists that help keep potential failures at bay. With so many benefits, it's no wonder why several OEMs mandate every supplier to perform LPAs to ensure quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

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