How It Works
WorkClout In Your Organization
WorkClout is seamless to ensure that quality and safety are top-of-mind and always at it's best.
Deploy a quality solution, all-in-one place.
Average increase in quality efficiency
The old way
Fragmented and manual methods
Manual systems create bottlenecks that strains resources
Unreliable methods require data re-entry if information is incorrect
Manual alerts and escalations cause communication lag
Increased cost of quality control due to defects and recalls
Our way (the right way)
Streamlined quality management, all-in-one place
Fully onboard a digital solution to streamline quality in one week
Data-capture by scanning and field validation to prevent error
Scalable and comprehensive reporting with in real-time data
Automate alarms and escalations using workflows
Execute Tasks
Take pictures, fill out forms, create corrective actions, view work instructions, capture data via mobile device.
Custom trigger notification and events
Record failed responses
Conditional form field logic
Thousands of top industry templates
No Hands
Let WorkClout automate escalations, workflows, actions, and validate manual input
Trigger workflow events
Trigger new action items
Trigger new issues
Trigger input validation
Trigger relevant information
See Insights
See in-depth analytics, visibility on worker activity, adjust controls, and customize workflows
Real-time visibility into floor operations
Measure effectiveness and worker performance
Implement continuous improvement effectively
Realize ROI
When digitizing and automating, you add more validation to quality and safety checks that reduce financial risk and improve brand value.
Improved communication with operations
Establish global standards and compliance
More Features
WorkClouts features help solve all your unique problems all industries.
The #1 QMS In The Industry For Manufacturers
Get control of your quality. Get results 10x faster.