Use WorkClout for Audits, Compliance, & ISO
Maintain efficiency while also staying compliant.
Maintain efficiency while also staying compliant.
How to Use WorkClout for Audits, Compliance, & ISO
Regulatory, audit, and compliance requirements are continually evolving, and require companies to adopt compliance frameworks and functions. WorkClout automates and streamlines these activities from quality management ISO audits, recurring inspections, to compliance check reminders.
Gain Real-Time Visibility
The faster information becomes available, the more efficient your operations can function. WorkClout gives you real-time visibility data captured from your audits, compliance, and ISO.
Collaborate Seamlessly With Your Team
A successful internal audit requires effort from everyone on the team. WorkClout enables inline group commenting and action assignments to facilitate communication and collaboration for your audit plans.
Centralize Your Compliance
Digital centralization for your audits, compliance, and ISO forms helps increase efficiency. WorkClout helps you automate your audit process and capture data for risk analysis all in one place.
Export and share form data in PDF or excel format
PDF formatting remains one of the best ways to share information. With WorkClout, you can generate PDF files of your digital forms and share the results with your teams.
Track compliance and audit failures in real-time within forms
The benefits of going digital for compliance audits are vast. Data, when aggregated into a single place, can teach you how to reduce nonconformities and failures. With WorkClout, you capture these failed responses in real-time and improve your process simultaneously.
Remedy issues and assign follow-up actions
Incidents can come up at any place and at any time, which is why accessibility to reporting new issues and assign actions is so important. With WorkClout, your workers can report issues and assign actions from any device using photos and videos.
Get form version history with updated notes and personnel
Without supervision, form and procedure changes can get unorganized. With WorkClout, you can peer-review, leave notes, and version control all changes to Form Templates and Documents.
WorkClout form template builder with quality inspection
Flexible Integrations
Select from one of our available cloud integrations or use our flexible APIs. You can easily bridge data you need from external sources.
Lightning-fast implementation
Implement a centralized quality process within your teams in 7 days. See all your ISO and quality information in one place.
Scales with your business
Whether you have 50 or 1000 employees, WorkClout adapts to your organizational structure and setup as it grows.
Real-time and intuitive
Instead of using multiple fragmented tools that slow down your workers, WorkClout works in real-time and is built with you in mind.
Support on all platforms
WorkClout is universal- access information securly on web and mobile apps, available on all iOS and Android devices.
Encrypted and secure
Have peace of mind when accessing your data. WorkClout is built using industry leading security encryption.
illustration of person performing an inspection using a tablet on WorkClout.
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