Use WorkClout for Equipment Verification Audits (EVAs)
Verify that your equipment is working as expected to meet regulations, specifications, and conditions during the production phase.
Discover and resolve issues before compounding quality defects occur downstream
Improved audit capabilities help improve efficiency and return on investment (ROI)
Establish accountability and allow a channel for corrective action tracking to take place
Prevent downtime and ensure production is continually running to produce quality products
Equipment Verification Audits (EVAs) on WorkClout

Equipment Verification Audits (EVAs) are conducted on WorkClout
WorkClout automates CAPA, logic, calculations, alarms, and escalations
EVA data is securely stored on WorkClout cloud servers
EVA data is visible in real-time on the WorkClout dashboard

A Completed Solution For
Equipment Verification Audits (EVAs)
1 - Prioritize for Equipment Safety

Safety should be non-negotiable when it comes to manufacturing, especially when it concerns any machinery or equipment. When building your Equipment Verification Audits (EVAs), try to prioritize simple and elicit responses (e.g., Yes and No, Pass and Fail, etc.).

Other important questions to consider when creating your EVA are:

  1. Is the vendor responsible for the maintenance and safety of the equipment?
  2. Are safety guards in good condition?
  3. Are all safety equipment, including eye washing station, fire extinguishers, in good working condition?
  4. Do employees have the correct PPE?

2 - Handling Materials

Using suitable materials and adequately handling those materials is vital in ensuring that the equipment is working. Some questions when evaluating material handling in an EVA are:

  1. Are the operators correctly handling the material?
  2. Is there any waste of materials from the equipment that needs to be addressed or can potentially hamper efficiency?
3 - Training the Auditors

EVAs are designed to be conducted by workers that might not have previous experience conducting audits. Because workers need to be focused on their tasks, the audits must be easy to access and simple to complete. WorkClout QMS is available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing your workers/auditors to perform EVAs with a click of a button. Features that make EVAs easy include:

Conditional Logic - Display or hide information and audit questions depending on previous selections made. Keep your workers focused on capturing only the information that matters most.

Trigger Notifications - Automatically trigger email and in-app notifications when specific selections are made on the EVA to alert and escalate potential issues and solve quality issues before they compound.

Corrective Actions - Log and assign corrective action items to team members as an EVA is in progress. Minimize distraction by quickly assigning the action and returning your focus to complete the audit with minimal distraction.

4 - Track All Deviations

"You can't improve what you don't measure." Tracking corrective actions and failures during your EVAs helps guarantee their effectiveness over time. Some EVA metrics that you can track on WorkClout are:

  • Average number of corrective actions
  • Average time to complete EVAs
  • Total corrective actions resolved
  • EVA score
  • Total number of failures and nonconformances
  • Total number of issues on the equipment

EVA Conclusion

The Equipment Verification Audit is an effective way to ensure that your equipment is functioning to its highest capability while also ensuring that workers are consistently taking the proper measures to be safe when operating the equipment. Using WorkClout, you can streamline the EVA process by enabling your workers to perform EVAs and capture data in real-time.

The questions covered here span the most common categories of equipment verification audits using WorkClout. There are company-specific processes and design questions in equipment verification. It’s what makes an automated platform such as WorkClout essential for creating random questions with an easy update function to reflect current equipment issues.

Continuous verification is necessary for all manufacturing equipment – critical and non-critical. Equipment verification audit checklists provide a way to make meaningful quality improvements. Continuous and comprehensive equipment audits communicate to everyone that equipment quality is paramount for manufacturing integrity.

WorkClout’s streamlined audit procedures ensure quality improvement for manufacturing organizations. It promotes team collaboration and centralizes audit compliance for a more effective operation.

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