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Pay annually
Pay monthly
For individuals and small teams that need to start tracking quality forms (max 4 users)
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Max 4 users per account
Unlimited form templates
Unlimited inspections
Limited analytics
Unlimited SOP documentation
Incident & issue tracking
Corrective and Preventive Action assignments
1 Document and Template Upload Request per month
Conditional form template logic
Custom inspection notification triggers
Unlimited Asset Management
Basic email support
For small teams or SMBs that need more robust quality data collection (max 10 users)
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Everything in Starter, and:
Includes up to 10 users
Plus analytics & report filtering
Roles and permissions
Team management
Up to 3 Document and Template Upload Requests per month
Conditional form template logic
Priority email support
For large teams and mid-size companies that need advanced quality automation and analytics.
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Everything in Plus, and:
Includes 10 users (min 10 users)
Additional users @ $35/user/month
Multi-location provisioning
Up to 5 Document and Template Upload Requests per month
Advanced custom analytics & report filtering
Sharing Mode (on iOS & Android)
Custom Onboarding and Implementation
For large organizations that need enterprise grade integrations and support.
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Everything in Pro, and:
Cloud business system integrations (additional fees may be required)
On-prem business system integrations (additional fees may be required)
System-to-system data transfer
Deviation reports
Custom reports & dashboard
SAML, SSO, Outlook, Google, Otka, etc..
24/7 Premium support
Custom onboarding & implementation plan
Multi-language support
Build and assign custom inspections for safety and quality or use one of our available templates.
Scheduled Inspections
Schedule your inspections to automatically assign to your employees at any time.
QR & barcode management
Add custom inspection barcodes that you can scan and immediately perform the inspection from the WorkClout app.
Excel/PDF/CSV exports
Kanban management
View and manage all inspections from an easy-to-navigate Kanban board.
Power form template builder with thousands of examples in our marketplace to get you started.
Form Templates
Upload existing PDF, Word, Excel docs
Upload form templates and checklists and a dedicated team member will review and help upload them onto WorkClout for you.
3 upload per month
5 uploads per month
10 uploads per month
Template marketplace
Get started with top quality premade inspections templates from all industries.
Form versioning
Custom Form Builder
Customize your inspection form layout using pictures, videos, signature fields, and more to solve any business need.
Form scoring
Customize scores on your forms. Analyze scores to identify issues and implement solutions.
Track and resolve issues immediately. Assign actions to follow up on to-do items and ensure objectives are completed.
Actions & Issues
Track & assign corrective action
Incident & issue reporting
Create, manage and track issues for specific assets in WorkClout
Automate emails, actions, escalations, and much more to maximize efficiency.
Inspection approvals
Define an inspection approver who must review the inspection results before marking it as complete.
Custom inspection trigger notifications
Add one or more custom form fields triggers to each field that sends out an email and in-app notification to the desired teams or users when the criteria are met.
Automated email reports
System-to-system data transfer
Advanced Automation
Advanced report filters
Custom workflows
Build custom workflows with event triggers from anywhere in the WorkClout App. Automate inspections, issues, actions, notifications, and more.
Approval and review handoffs
Handoff inspections and documents from one person to another for efficient reviewing and approvals
Form field logic
Use IF and THAN statements to display form field sections when performing inspections to capture more data or display reference information.
View and share reports with existing team members in the default dashboard or build a custom dashboard.
Default analytics & reports
Get reports for total inspections created, total inspections closed, most common issues, total actions created, and more...
Export reports
Inspection summary reports
Get a detailed breakdown of all the responses recorded for a particular on-demand or scheduled inspection. Results are broken down by form version.
Custom reports
Collaborate with team members. Create shared SOPs, troubleshooting guides, step-by-step work instructions to upskill workers.
Knowledge Management
In-app comments and messages
Increase team efficiency and communication by messaging team members in real-time to get answers fast.
Documentation & document upload
Create step-by-step work instructions, SOPs, and troubleshooting guides using videos, images, and text.
1 doc per month
Up to 3 docs per month
Up to 5 docs per month
Multi-Language documents
Create documentation in multiple languages. Documents will display in your default language set in your profile. Not all languages are applicable, so please contact us for more information.
Central knowledge hub
Organize your issues, work instructions, procedures, and troubleshoot guides into assets.
Skills tracking & management
Create skills with badges that you can assign to your employees. Employees can request for skills that must also be approved.
WorkClout offers a robust public API and several existing cloud integrations available to use. We also offer services to integrate into on-premise systems!
Public API
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Cloud business systems integrations
Additional fees may be required
On-premise business systems integrations
Additional fees may be required
Use team management to easily distribute timely notifications across your teams.
Team Management
Phone Support
Roles & permissions
Assign roles and permissions to each user.
Each additional location @ $350/mo billed monthly ($250 billed annually)
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Team group management
Create custom team names and assign your employees to team groups.
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Outlook, Okta, Microsoft, Azure, OneLogin, Google, and Active Directory
Additional fees may apply
iOS & Android App
Desktop Web App
Support for all major web browsers and available on Windows and Mac
Sharing mode for mobile devices
Allow team members to share a device by logging in with custom PIN numbers.
WorkClout strives to help your team success in your inspection goals and needs.
Email and online chat support
Within 48 hours
Within 12 hours
Within 12 hours
Within 4 hours
Help center, video, & webinars
Dedicated customer success manager
All customers on our Pro and Enterprise tiers have a dedicated account manager to help them get the best out of WorkClout!
Custom onboarding & implementation plan
Work with an assigned customer success manager to optimize WorkClout to your specific needs and workflows
99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA
Trusted by top safety and quality leading companies around the world
Commonly asked questions
What happens when my Pro trial runs out?

If you are on the 14-day free trial for our Pro plan you will not have any usage limits until the 14-day free trial is up. Once the 14-day trial is up, you can decide to subscribe to the Pro plan. You can automatically subscribe and maintain all the Pro features by adding in your credit card under Settings > Plan & Billing. A WorkClout representative will reach out to help you make your decision and apply the changes as needed.

What happens when I hit my usage limits?

If you are on the 14-day free trial for our Pro plan you will not have any usage limits until the 14-day free trial is up. Once the 14-day trial is up, you can decide to subscribe to the Pro plan. You can automatically subscribe and maintain all the Pro features by adding in your credit card under Settings > Plan & Billing. A WorkClout representative will reach out to help you make your decision and apply the changes as needed.

How do we cancel a subscription and get a refund?

Team Admins can change the team’s subscription level.  Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for.

We do not offer refunds.

We need to add new users onto the team. How does this affect billing?

WorkClout invoices based on your plans maximum number of licenses + any additional number of employees or users that are added to your account above the maximum. You can check the number of users and total billing under Settings > Plan & Billing. If you add a new user during the middle of the month and you are above the total number of licenses allowed on your plan, our billing will automatically prorate the charges for the month, for the user.

What are my payment options?

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. We can also invoice for most annual contracts, to learn more you can contact us.

How can I get my data from WorkClout in the event of a cancellation?

    There are three options that you can choose from to receive your data in the event of a cancellation.

    - If you have a custom integration setup with us, WorkClout can ETL data back into your integration database (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc)

    - Data dumps in Comma-Separated-Value sheets or Excel format of all requested records (Projects, Tasks, Issues, and more)

    - WorkClout can provide an ACID-compliant SQL dump of your data if you have an I.T., DBA, or Data Team that prefers database files

    To get request a cancellation or learn more please email

    How much does WorkClout cost?

    WorkClout is a cloud subscription service. We offer a 14 day free trial on our pro plan! You can learn more on our pricing page.

    How is my data secured on WorkClout?

    All data that is stored on WorkClout is encrypted beyond the industry standard.

    Protection against Network and Application Layer Attacks

    WorkClout’s CDN takes advantage of the AWS layered “Security Perimeter” against Network and Application layer DDoS attacks.

    SSL/TLS Encryption and HTTPS

    WorkClout’s CDN, client-side application, and API services are distributed strictly over full bridge HTTPS connections, TLS v1.2.


    WorkClout provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. CDN data is cached in edge locations worldwide to ensure heightened availability and decreased bandwidth usage when accessing WorkClout’s web and mobile applications.

    Your Data is Segmented Away

    WorkClout utilizes a “data hoteling” strategy to securely segment your company’s data away from other clients’ data, utilizing an identifier that’s unique to your organization to save and retrieve data. 

    Password Encryption

    Any of your employees who have access to WorkClout can rest-assured their passwords are encrypted utilizing one-way salt-based encryption.

    Rolling Backups

    WorkClout will automatically backup your data nightly on a 30-day rolling period; in the unlikely event of data loss, we can restore a backed up version of your data up to 30 days prior.

    How does WorkClout handle my customer IP?

    All information is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS). AWS is used and trusted by huge corporations around the globe such as Netflix, Airbnb, Adobe, and even the CIA.

    WorkClout is available in the cloud and online, what if the internet goes down?

    WorkClout requires an internet connection in order to work. If your connection to the internet via WiFi is not stable at your location, we recommend contacting your service provider for assistance or to use a device with cellular connection services.

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