WorkClout: The Best Alternative to FastField
WorkClout: The Best Alternative to FastField
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WorkClout: The Best Alternative to FastField
Learn about the alternative to FastField, how their support and features stack up against competitors, and which digital form solution is best for your growing business.
October 19, 2020

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1 Is FastField the best digital form tool for your business?

2 Why FastField is not the right digital form tool for your business

  2.1 Difficult-to-use and Rigid Form Builder

  2.2 No Custom Triggers

  2.3 Poor Customer Support

  2.4 No Actions or Issue Tracking

  2.5 No SOP Documentation

3 WorkClout - The Best Alternative to FastField Digital Forms

Is FastField the best digital form tool for your business?

FastField is a digital form capturing software that has been around since 2010. They've been serving businesses now for around ten years.

Similar to many other digital form tools, FastField provides much of the standard features like form building, app and tablet applications, export reporting, workflows, integrations, QR scanning, and more. However, it does have some limitations that make digital forms for inspections crucial for some businesses.

As a company that serves both small to large businesses, FastField is often split between the two. This has made it difficult to deliver superb product value for both types of businesses. 

There are several alternatives and considerations that businesses should take into account. In this article, we'll export these alternatives.

Why FastField is not the right digital form tool for your business

FastField isn't the best tool for your business because it lacks the critical features required to maintain efficiency. Features such as Form Grid Layouts, Custom Triggers, SOP Documentation, Skills Tracking, Centralized Asset Management, and Issue Tracking are essential for businesses looking to scale in the future.

Difficult-to-use and Rigid Form Builder

As a leader at your company looking to digitize your forms, you'll face several challenges when trying to create your forms on FastField. The software does not apply best practices for user experience when building forms, which requires a lot of trial and error before getting your forms in place to capture data. Also, the form builder is rigid because it cannot drag-and-drop and customize easily. If you're expecting to digitize your forms quickly and start capturing data, you should look for an alternative with an improved experience.

FastField Con Review Capterra
Capterra Review of FastField Forms

WorkClout's form builder and overall user experience are what we excel at - we strive to give you and your team a modern, eye-pleasing, and easy-to-use application on any mobile device and computer. 

WorkClout Custom Grid Form Template Builder
WorkClout - Form Grid Builder

No Custom Triggers

One of the most beneficial aspects of digitizing your forms and capturing data is the ability to customize when and how you receive notifications to address them ASAP. FastField can not trigger custom notifications to teams and users depending on the field input or selections, which is a drawback. 

WorkClout gives you the ability to set custom triggers that send out notifications to any teams or users for all form field inputs. You can even include a custom message for each trigger notification you configure on the form field on WorkClout. 

If you're looking to digitize your forms, it's essential to make sure that notifications can be customized for your business.

WorkClout Custom Trigger Notifications
WorkClout - Form Triggers

Poor Customer Support

Custom service and support is not a forte with FastField. There are instances where critical bugs for businesses are unresolved, and their general user experience has not improved over time. As a business leader, customer support for your digital forms should be at the top-of-mind because time lost equals a proliferation of issues and costs to your business operations.

WorkClout's foundation is built off of our focus on customer service and support. So much so that we provide a dedicated account manager that you can contact at any time if issues come up for all our paying customers of any size. Our customer service team strives to provide the best experience for all customers because we know that the best companies also have the best support.

FastField Customer Service Con Review Capterra
Capterra Review of FastField Customer Support

No Actions or Issue Tracking

It's common in all businesses to know that not all digital form inspections will operate smoothly. When problems occur, it's crucial to have the ability to track and react quickly to those instances before it becomes a bigger problem. FastField digital forms does not provide the ability to create and assign action items to other users while capturing data. 

Creating and assigning actions is something you should consider if you are looking to digitize forms and capture data so that issues observed can be tracked and resolved as soon as possible.

With WorkClout, you can assign action items on any digital form that team members can follow and resolve with context. All actions and issues are reportable and available for future reference.

WorkClout Mobile Assign Actions
WorkClout - Action Tracking
WorkClout Mobile Issue Tracking
WorkClout - Issue Tracking

No Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation

Documentation of tribal knowledge is crucial to growing companies, primarily to ensure knowledge retention when employees leave or when new employees are hired. FastField does not offer teams the ability to create, view, and reference documentation on-the-job for standard procedures, work instructions, or troubleshooting. If you're looking to grow as a company, it would be essential to consider a tool that allows you to retain and document important information.

Documents on Workclout allow your employees to create step-by-step documentation for work instructions, SOPs, troubleshooting guides, and more. In addition to this, the document approver feature allows employees to contribute new knowledge while ensuring that all changes are peer-reviewed.

Centralized documentation allows workers to search for, learn new,  and contribute knowledge to your growing business.

WorkClout Mobile Standard Procedure Documentation
WorkClout - Mobile SOP Documentation

WorkClout - The Best Alternative to FastField Digital Forms

If you're in the market for a robust inspection tool to improve your business's safety and quality, look no further than WorkClout. WorkClout is built for businesses of all sizes and prioritizes all of our customers' success, no matter the size. To get a better idea of how we are better than FastField, look at the table comparison below.

WorkClout and FastField Comparison Table

Why does it make sense to go with WorkClout instead of FastField? WorkClout offers all of what FastField provides and prepares our customers for long term growth and efficiency with features and support that include:

  • Easy-to-Use Form Builder
  • Custom Trigger Notifications
  • Assign Actions
  • Issue Tracking
  • Step-By-Step Documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Skills Tracking
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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