WorkClout: The Best Alternative to GoFormz
WorkClout: The Best Alternative to GoFormz
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WorkClout: The Best Alternative to GoFormz
Learn about the alternatives to GoFormz, how their support and features stack up against competitors, and which quality and safety solutions are best for your organization.
March 29, 2021

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1 - Is GoFormz The Best Digital Quality and Safety Tool For You?

2 - GoFormz is Not The Right Tool To Improve Quality and Safety

   2.1 - Unstructured Form Builder

   2.2 - No Failed Responses, Alarms, and Escalations

   2.3 - No Issue and Action Tracking and Management

   2.4 - No Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation

3 - WorkClout is The Best Alternative to GoFormz For Manufacturers

1 - Is GoFormz The Best Digital Quality and Safety Tool For You?

GoFormz is a digital form tool that prides itself on the mission that anyone should have the ability to fill out forms using their mobile devices. They've been serving customers since 2013 and have several features that are standard within the digital forms space.

Using GoFormz, you can upload your forms, configure form fields, and capture data using your desktop or mobile device. However, it does have limitations that traditional manufacturing and other industrial organizations should strongly consider when selecting a solution.

As a company that serves several industries across many sectors, GoFormz lacks the features such as: 

  •  Issue tracking
  • Asset management
  • Action Tracking
  • Document control
  • Step-by-step SOPs and work instructions
  • Time tracking
  • On-demand inspections
  • Scheduled inspections

And much more features that are standard within an effective QMS and IMS solution.

As a business looking to drastically improve quality and safety culture, it's essential to evaluate the entire solution and explore alternatives that can provide you and your team with the confidence it needs to excel.

2 - GoFormz is Not The Right Tool To Improve Quality and Safety

GoFormz is not the right tool for your organization if your goal is to improve overall quality and safety. Although it has mature capabilities in digitizing existing forms, GoFormz lacks in the areas needed to effectively solve use cases around industrial quality and safety environments, such as:

  • Incident management
  • Audit, compliance, and ISO
  • Daily checks and maintenance
  • Work instructions and SOPs w/ version control
  • Data integrations

2.1 - Unstructured Form Builder

The value of uploading your existing paper form and only having to configure fields is overshadowed by the time and effort required to structure the form in a way that works. With limited copy and paste functionality, the time it takes to set up and precisely edit a form on GoFormz can take quite some time.

GoFormz Con Review from Capterra
GoFormz Capterra Review
GoFormz Con Review from Capterra
GoFormz Capterra Review
GoFormz Con Review from Capterra
GoFormz Capterra Review
GoFormz Con Review from Capterra
GoFormz Capterra Review

WorkClout's form builder and overall user experience are what we excel at - we strive to give you and your team a modern, eye-pleasing, and easy-to-use application. All form templates on WorkClout are versioned and contain change notes for you to reference.

WorkClout no code custom form builder
WorkClout Form Builder offers robust features

2.2 - No Failed Responses, Alarms, and Escalations

In today's lean manufacturing process, it's critical to quickly respond to quality issues and safety incidents before getting out of hand and causing significant bottlenecks in the production cycles. Using GoFormz, you can configure workflows that can trigger notifications and actions from primary events. However, GoFormz lacks the ability to customize workflows based on specific input values captured on the forms, which is essential in today's manufacturing when specific alerts and escalations need to be communicated to prevent any significant downtime.

Workflows and Triggers on WorkClout give you the flexibility you need when configuring alarms and escalation paths on your form templates. Send in-app, desktop, and email notifications with custom messages to alert the right person or team when form data is captured on WorkClout that matches your custom rules. Create custom events such as issues or action items that can be tracked to completion when quality or safety issues occur.

WorkClout workflows, triggers, and escalations
WorkClout's Workflows offers robust customization

Quality issues and safety incidents can compound into larger problems when left unaddressed over time. Resolving these problems is critical when your workers are out in the field or away from a desktop. 

2.3 - No Issue and Action Tracking and Management

 GoFormz does not allow you to track issues and assign action items to your team members, making it difficult for your workers to efficiently collaborate, investigate, and resolve quality and safety incidents. Effective lean manufacturing culture is one that allows its workers to quickly and efficiently track issues and assign actions during regular day-to-day operations. If you're a manufacturer looking to go digital with your forms and documents, it would be essential to consider collaborative features that make tracking quality and safety easier for your workers.

With WorkClout, your workers can log new issues and assign new actions with only a few clicks from our desktop and mobile application. We understand the importance of putting the accessibility of these features at the forefront to ensure that your workers do not miss a beat during daily operations. WorkClout enables collaboration for every action and issue logged by allowing team members to follow and comment on threads to improve resolution and prevention.

WorkClout mobile issue tracking and management
Easily track issues on WorkClout
WorkClout mobile action tracking and management
Assign actions while capturing form data on WorkClout

2.4 -No Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation

GoFormz does not have step-by-step SOP documentation. As a manufacturer looking for consistency in both quality and safety practices, the need for clear and actionable SOPs is crucial for daily operations. Having SOPs is a great way to retain information for onboarding new employees and ensuring that tribal knowledge remains intact when employees leave.

Documents on Workclout allow your employees to create step-by-step documentation for work instructions, SOPs, troubleshooting guides, and more. In addition to this, the document approver feature allows employees to contribute new knowledge while ensuring that all changes are peer-reviewed.

WorkClout mobile SOP documentation with photos and videos
Step-by-step SOP documentation on WorkClout w/ photos and videos

Centralized documentation allows workers to search for, learn new, and contribute knowledge to your quality and safety operations.

3 - WorkClout is The Best Alternative to GoFormz For Manufacturers

If you're in the market for a complete QMS and IMS product for your manufacturing operations, then look no further than WorkClout. The WorkClout team has years and years of experience in manufacturing and has applied that knowledge and learning to build a complete solution that best fits modern lean manufacturing practices. To get a better idea of how we stack up against GoFormz, take a look at the table below:

WorkClout comparison chart with GoFormz

In summary, if you're a manufacturing company that is looking to compete in your market, then having top-tier quality and safety should be on your priority list. WorkClout offers a complete solution to help you achieve your goals in quality and safety with features that include:

  • Easy-to-Use No Code Form Builder
  • Custom Triggers
  • Assign Actions
  • Issue Tracking
  • Step-By-Step Documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Skills Tracking
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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