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Does WorkClout have Auto Scheduling?

Yes, WorkClout can schedule jobs on machines for you, making it easier to manage.

A number of variables are taken into account when auto scheduling:

1 . Average run speeds

2 . Quantities to produce

3 . Order promise dates

4 . Workflow dependencies

5 . Current runs scheduled and in-progress

Does WorkClout do Estimations and RFQ?

Not at the moment.

WorkClout excels in production management from end-to-end to provide you with unique insight and visibility into your operations.

How robust is WorkClout's reporting

You can configure reporting to anything you would like to see on the dashboard. As long as we are tracking that data point in your operations, you can generate reports easily.

What products and services does WorkClout offer?

We provide Lean Manufacturing Software to help manage and measure your production activities. Training, implementation and around the clock support services are included for our customers. Learn more about what we offer on our plans page.

What manufacturing types does WorkClout cater to?

Almost all manufacturers can improve their operations using WorkClout.

Using WorkClout will optimize your production process by tailoring workflows specific to your needs and scheduling based on a number of constraints.

Simply put, we provide you with all the tools you need to visualize your production and take action to reduce bottlenecks and increase production throughput.

What location does WorkClout serve?

We proudly provide service the countries list below and are currently only available in English. Our team is working diligently to localize in many languages in the coming months.

Supported Countries

United States


New Zealand

How does WorkClout help?

WorkClout MES Software does three major things for your company

1. Create streamlined communication on job ticket statuses

2. Create the ability to see and manage end-to-end visibility in your production process

3. Discover unique insights on how to make your operations more efficient

How much does WorkClout cost?

Our pricing is simple and scaleable. Pricing starts off at $999 per month w/ a 1+ year commitment, you can find out more information about our pricing here.

How long does implementation take?

In most cases, implementation takes up to 30-days. Compared to existing software available, WorkClout's implementation time is extremely short. Most of the implementation time is spent towards training and guidance, while the remaining time is spent importing your data onto WorkClout if provided to us in a timely manner.

Implementation is generally extended if a custom or on-premise integration is required.

Do I need to buy tablets for the operators to use WorkClout?

WorkClout provides up to 10 tablets at no additional cost for customers who sign contract that are 1+ years. Any additional tablets required will cost an additional $100 per tablet.

You can use your own computers or tablets if you choose to. WorkClout works on most devices that are able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN.

Note that the devices require constant internet connection and a source of power. WorkClout does not provide network or electrical services, but can recommend local vendors.

What about my current job tickets and customer information?

For customers that are not using an existing systems

We can upload your historical data onto WorkClout within 7-days, provided that it's available to us in a timely manner.

For customers that have an existing system

We have a number our cloud integrations that offer. If your existing system is custom or on-premise, our developers can work with you on the integration w/ WorkClout.

Submit your integration request HERE and one of our product specialist will reach out to you.

How do I create an account on WorkClout?

Accounts are created and setup during on-boarding. Our Product Specialists will help guide you through the process step-by-step.

Our team is currently working on a feature that will allow you to create your own account and get started right away.

How is my data secured on WorkClout?

We guarantee the safety of your data. In that event that you'd like to retrieve your data, you can email us directly and upon verification, we can provide you your data in CSV format.

How does WorkClout handle my customer IP?

All information is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS). AWS is used and trusted by huge corporations around the globe such as Netflix, Airbnb, Adobe, and even the CIA.

WorkClout is available in the cloud and online, what if the internet goes down?

The internet should never go down because of the infrastructure Internet Service Providers have built. However, we contractually commit to having 99.9% software uptime.

WorkClout can help your operations team increase their manufacturing efficiency.
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