Feature Updates: Save even more time using Issue Tags, Issue Priorities, and Task QR Codes
Feature Updates: Save even more time using Issue Tags, Issue Priorities, and Task QR Codes
Product Updates
Feature Updates: Save even more time using Issue Tags, Issue Priorities, and Task QR Codes
With our most recent update, you can now easily create a new issue in as little as two clicks. Also, you can now quickly access and complete on-demand tasks with a scan of a QR code.
June 26, 2020

Get specific with issues with fewer steps! Use one of our default issue tags or create custom ones with unique colors to make it easy for your teams to identify and resolve. Several customers who have used our new issues have already mentioned that this update has helped increase their worker's efficiency even more!


Use issue priority to drive urgency to what is most important

Observe a high priority safety issue? Now you can easily create issues and mark them with a priority to notify your teams instantly while still providing context. 

Create and use custom issue tags with unique colors to quickly give context

With this release, you can now create custom issue tags to make it easier to log common issues and notify teams for corrective action. Use the unique colors to make it easier to sort your issues from one another when viewing them on a list. Now you can save even more time by speeding delivery of corrective action within your operations.

On-Demand Task QR Codes

Unique QR codes are now automatically generated for every On-Demand Task on WorkClout. You can easily access these codes by going to the On-Demand Task and clicking on the QR Code button. We even give you an option to print the code and place them where convenient within your facility. 

With this update, your workers can simply scan the QR code and start the appropriate task in as little as 1 click.

Some other updates

Scan barcodes into form fields

We've added a barcode scanner for every text and paragraph field for custom forms. Just tap on the camera icon and look for the barcode in the viewer. The scanned information will populate right within the form field to minimize mistakes on the job and save time.

Number fields

Add number fields onto your custom forms. Get data on specific units of measurements such as Quantity, Pounds, Ounces, and much more. Generate custom reports for your projects or analytics dashboard to follow these metrics over time.

Custom barcodes of On-Demand Tasks

In addition to QR Codes, we now support several custom barcode types for On-Demand Task.

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