Workclout now integrates with Katana
Workclout now integrates with Katana
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Workclout now integrates with Katana
Katana is a Cloud Inventory Platform that gives you live insights into sales, purchasing, and production to maintain optimal inventory levels in real time. WorkClout now integrates with Katana!
November 20, 2023

WorkClout is the first quality management software that integrates with Katana.

How the Integration Works

Once you've seamlessly connected your Katana account to WorkClout, you can effortlessly dispatch purchase orders to WorkClout as quality control tasks. Upon completion of the quality control process in WorkClout, the purchase order will be updated with a URL reference to the comprehensive test results, conveniently located in the Additional Info field. Additionally, you have the flexibility to alter the status of the purchase order directly through WorkClout.

Connecting WorkClout to Katana

Embarking on your WorkClout journey is a breeze. Begin by scheduling a free demo call with our dedicated team for a comprehensive product overview and a smooth onboarding experience.

After successful onboarding:

  1. Log in to WorkClout, and on the Home screen, navigate to the Katana tab.
  2. Click "Link Katana" and enter your credentials.

That's all there is to it. In just a few minutes, purchase orders will be seamlessly imported into WorkClout, enabling you to initiate quality control tasks promptly. For detailed insights into the integration, refer to Katana's Knowledge Base article.

What's Next?

Our commitment to enhancing your experience doesn't stop here. We will continuously expand our library of available integrations, providing you with a diverse array of options to tailor and optimize your processes according to your unique needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to elevate your workflow integration experience.

At WorkClout, we are dedicated to streamlining your operations and ensuring that your commitment to quality remains at the forefront of your operations.

If you need a system to manage inventory, signup for a Katana account or book a demo at

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