New Features: New Documents, Folder Management, Upload Files, + More
New Features: New Documents, Folder Management, Upload Files, + More
Product Updates
New Features: New Documents, Folder Management, Upload Files, + More
In our latest release, we've made a major refresh to documentation that brings a slew of improved customization and features.
September 7, 2021

Our latest release includes a refreshed document experience that brings a slew of improved customization and features + more.

  • Document refresh
  • Nested folder management for Form Templates and Documents
  • Variable Inspection titles
  • Upload File form field
  • Improved PDF Export formats

Documentation Refresh

You might have noticed an updated format to your documentation. Now you can build a document just like you build form templates on WorkClout. This familiar interface makes it easy to learn how to use the WorkClout system and also brings on a ton of new features such as:

  • Improved document layouts
  • New document fields with more customization
  • Advanced approval flows with notifications and automation
  • Advanced document versioning
  • Document PDF exports

Note: All existing documentation are converted to the new format with this update.

Nested Folder Management

To make organizing form templates and documents even easier, we've added the ability to sort and manage documents and form templates within nested folders. Nested folder management makes sorting forms templates and documents easier than ever before. To start nesting folders, simply click and drag a folder within another folder that you've created.

Variable Inspection Titles

Now you can use the @ to reference form data on your inspection titles. Referencing form data makes it easier to find the right inspection when browsing through your list of inspections. Start using this feature by following the steps below:

  1. Create any kind of inspection
  2. Select a form template
  3. Enter an inspection title
  4. Add the @ to reference and select a form field to reference
  5. Hit enter

Data will populate into your inspection title from the form when available. It's that easy.

Upload Form Field

You can add a new form field that allows your workers to upload files onto the forms during an inspection. This is a great way to import data sheets or confirmations files in a file of your choice. To access this new field simply edit to build a new form template.

Improved PDF Exports - Inspections and Documents

The PDF exports for both inspections and documents have been revamped to make it easier to read. You can view and export the PDF in a default format provided by WorkClout or request to have a custom PDF export when working with your account manager. To learn more about this service, feel free to schedule some time with a WorkClout team member using the link below.

In conclusion, WorkClout is consistently working to add new and improved features for all our customers. These latest updates make it even easier to track and improve quality within your organization.

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