New Features: Form Scores, Web Picture Annotation, and Form Management Statuses
New Features: Form Scores, Web Picture Annotation, and Form Management Statuses
Product Updates
New Features: Form Scores, Web Picture Annotation, and Form Management Statuses
Implement quality scores, annotate pictures on the web, and manage form templates statuses.
July 22, 2021

We have improved quality by building quality score capabilities into our form and inspection modules. In addition, this update includes the ability to markup pictures uploaded onto our web application, improved form template status management, and additional logic operators for our number field.

Form Scoring

In one of our most anticipated updates, you can now customize and calculate scores on form templates. Scoring is available on select fields that include: Single Selection, Multi-Selection, and Checklist Fields. To enable Form Scoring, add one of the applicable form fields and check the "Enable scoring" option located on the right panel. Once scoring is enabled, you can add a custom score value to each option associated with the field.

Scores are tracked on inspections. You can find the scores tallied up for each field, section, and total for the whole inspection. This makes it easier for you to determine a passing or failing grade.

Quality Scores are a great tool when performing Layer Process Audits (LPAs), Assembly Checklists, Quality Checks (QC), and more, to ensure quality during your process.

Form Template Status Management

Managing form templates just got a lot easier with our latest update. Now you can filter your forms based on their current status. There are three distinct filters that you can use.

Published - Shows a list of all form templates in their most recent approved version.

Pending Review - Shows a list of form templates currently in an existing approval flow. This view also includes the form template change notes.

Denied - Shows a list of form templates that have been rejected, including the rejection note provided by the reviewer that rejected the form template.

Web Image Annotation and Markup

Adding image annotations and markup is easy to do in this latest update. Capture images and upload them onto WorkClout as usual. By default, our system will prompt you to add annotations and markups onto the image as needed. Click the 'Finish and Upload" button to apply the changes to the image.

Note: if you'd like to edit an image annotation. Click on the image to open the annotation window add your additional changes.

Updated Number Field Operators

When you add logic or triggers to a number field you can now configure the rules with new operators that include:

  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than or equal to
  • Between

This update provides more flexibility to set rules on when to show and hide fields and sections on the form based on the number input.

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