Feature Updates: Export PDF Results, Capture Time, and UI Improvements
Feature Updates: Export PDF Results, Capture Time, and UI Improvements
Product Updates
Feature Updates: Export PDF Results, Capture Time, and UI Improvements
PDF exports, Capture date and time, and UI improvements
March 24, 2021

Export PDF Results

We've added a new feature that allows you to download and export your inspection results into a formatted PDF document that you can share with your teams. To export the PDF document, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the inspection that you'd like to export to PDF
  2. Click on the Menu dropdown
  3. Click on the Export to PDF option

We also provide the option to completely customize your PDF export format for your inspections for our enterprise clients. To learn more about this feature, please contact us at support@workclout.com.

You can find the export PDF option in the menu on inspection page

Capture Date & Time

We've updated our Date Field to capture time and renamed the field to Date & Time Field. By default, all your existing Date Fields will convert to this new Date & Time Field and automatically capture the current time along with the Date. You can modify the Date & Time Field only to capture the Date if you would like to.

You can capture time along with dates on your form templates.

Inspection Page UI Updates

The inspection form on our web app has been updated to utilize the real-estate screen better and focus the user's attention on completing the inspection. The inspection details have been relocated to a panel on the left-hand side for convenience. 

The new inspection page focuses on the form template for improved usability.

The inspection page on the mobile app has been updated to make it easier to save progress and finish inspections. Now you'll notice that the timer has been moved to the top of the page, and the save progress and finish inspection buttons are fixed to the bottom of the screen.

The new inspection page on mobile is more user friendly, allowing you to easily save progress and finish inspection.

Improved Regex Customization

You can now define specific regex code to validate single line text fields. To add a regex field validation, simply add a single line text field onto your form template and configure the regex within the settings.

Find more information on how to create and use your own regex codes.

You can now define specific regex formats on single line text fields.
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