New Feature: Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions
New Feature: Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions
Product Updates
New Feature: Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions
You can do even more now when performing inspections by creating and assigning action items to team members.
September 13, 2020

Now you can take action right within your inspections to quickly address corrections and preventions using our new Actions feature. Actions make performing your inspections a much more dynamic and fluid experience for your desk-less workers.

Create Actions

Create corrective and preventive actions right within your inspections without having to compromise your process. You can now quickly access and create actions right within your inspections. WorkClout will instantly send notifications to the assignee. You can add even more detail by assigning a due date, action priority, and more to every action!

Single Text Field Formatting

Define a custom format for single text fields to ensure that the correct data is scanned into the inspection. Now you can use the symbols below to define a specific format for single-line text fields.

Use A for upper-case letters

Use a for lower-case letters

Use # for numbers

Use - for dashes

For example, when "AAA-aaa-####" is defined, the single-line text field will accept "LTS-bgi-4403".

Inspections can not be finished unless the field input follows the defined convention.

Mark "Failed Answer" on selection fields

Mark a selection as a "Failed Answer" for both selection and multi-selection form fields. When a failed answer is selected during an inspection, WorkClout auto-generates a detailed report for the number of failed items an inspection contains for you to review and improve the process.

Some other updates

The Form Templates Page - has been moved from the top dropdown over to the side panel for easier access. This feature is currently only accessible to Admin users on your WorkClout account.

Mobile App Navigation - has been updated to make it easier to access the most accessed features on WorkClout. We've enhanced the experience by making Actions more accessible and moving our notifications into the menu view.

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