New Feature: Custom Table Field and Limited User Role
New Feature:  Custom Table Field and Limited User Role
Product Updates
New Feature: Custom Table Field and Limited User Role
Now you can add custom tables with formulas onto your inspections!
April 8, 2021

Our latest updates allow you to add custom tables with custom formatting to your form templates.

Custom Tables

Our table gives you the flexibility to capture form data in a familiar and accessible format. Format the table on your form template in any way you'd like and even include formulas that will automatically populate based on input values.

Some of the highlighted features for custom tables:

  • Over 300+ custom formulas - Learn more here
  • Format cell background colors
  • Format cell width and height
  • Format text size, color, and weight
  • Add and remove columns and rows
  • Limit or enable table controls when performing inspections

Limited User Role

We've created a new user role that has limited access to your WorkClout application when logging in.

By default, this user role will have these permissions set by default:

  • Access to view/perform Inspections assigned to them
  • Access to view/read Documents
  • Access to view Assets
  • Access to view SkillsĀ 
  • Access to view Issues related to them
  • Access to view/complete Actions assigned to them

Learn more about the Limited User Role

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